Precious Angel (Alpha Province #4)(4)

By: Becca Van

Once outside, she quietly closed the door behind her and gazed about. There were a few cars in the parking lot, but the street was deserted. She had no idea what time it was, but guessed it was well into the early hours of the morning, maybe close to dawn.

Kenzie had to get away. If she didn’t, her life would be over one way or another. She hurried toward the empty vehicles as much as she could and pulled at each door, hoping to find one of them unlocked. She was in tears as she moved quickly to the last car. Please, let it be unlocked. Please, someone help me? God, are you listening to me. Help me!

She nearly fell back on her ass when she tried the door to the last car and it opened. A low moan emitted from between her bloody lips and she prayed no one would realize she was missing. When she saw the key still in the ignition, hope started to replace the fear and dejection.

Kenzie tried to ease herself in the driver’s seat, but ended up falling in. She was in too much of a hurry to worry about putting on her seatbelt, but she didn’t think she’d be able to reach it with her ribs screaming at her anyway.

She kept her gaze on the warehouse as she turned the key and started the car. After putting it in gear, she drove from the parking lot out onto the road without the illumination of headlights to aid her vision. She was going to drive as far as she could without them. When and if she found a main road and she figured out her location, she would turn the lights on. She needed to get as far away from Bismarck, North Dakota, her father, and the men he’d sold her to as quickly as she could.

Chapter One

Jayson Cannon sang along with the radio as he drove his truck toward his hometown of Ambrose, North Dakota. His brothers had been bitching and moaning about not having a couple ingredients for the dish they’d wanted to make for the day’s special, but instead of one of them deciding to drive to Crosby to the store, since the own store didn’t have what they wanted, they’d continued arguing.

He’d had enough of their shit and without a word had left the kitchen of the Ambrose Hotel, gotten into his truck, and taken off. Normally he and his brothers got on, but lately they’d all been quick with their tempers. Him included.

Jayson had a feeling it was going to get worse before it got better, but what pissed him off was he had no idea why they were all so antsy. Usually, him, Jenson, and Jordan were levelheaded and even-tempered.

He’d just turned his truck from 103rd St NW onto 127th Ave NW when he spotted the car on the side of the road a few hundred yards in front of him. He wondered if the car had been abandoned or if it had broken down. He was just about to pass it, but he slammed on the brakes when he saw a blonde head leaning against the window. The driver could have been taking a catnap to circumvent fatigue, but when the hackles on his neck rose and his gut knotted, he knew there was something wrong.

After making sure the road was still clear behind him, he put the truck into reverse and backed up. He parked behind the silver four-door sedan, turned the ignition off, and got out. Using his inner animal’s enhanced vision, he kept his eyes trained on the driver just in case they were up to no good. This close to the US/Canadian border, it wouldn’t surprise him if the person in the car was a criminal and pulled a gun on him.

He stood outside the door and waited for the driver to notice him, but they were either deeply asleep, sick or dead. Once more calling on his inner panther, he used his enhanced hearing and nearly sighed with relief when he heard a heartbeat.

Inhaling a deep breath as he prepared to tap on the window almost had his knees buckling. The amazing aroma of oranges and peaches, two of his favorite fruits, had his mouth watering. His feline yowled with excitement and leapt at his stomach, trying to get out so he could get to its mate.

Jayson shoved his panther back and this time when he inhaled, he did so through his mouth. His cock was a hard spike in his jeans, threatening to bust his zipper out, but he ignored the fiery lust coursing through his blood. He needed to find out if his mate was all right. He suspected her car may have broken down and although he felt like a bastard for thinking it, he hoped it wasn’t an easy fix.

He tapped on the glass of the window, but the woman inside didn’t stir, the back of her head was still resting on the glass. Jayson didn’t want to open the car door and scare the shit out of her, so he decided to walk around to the passenger side of the car.

A roar of fury bubbled up from his chest and escaped out of his mouth before he could stop it. His mate’s face was bruised and swollen out of proportion. Her eyelids looked as if they were swelled shut.

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