Precious Angel (Alpha Province #4)(3)

By: Becca Van

“No,” Accent Voice snarled. “She’s mine. When I’ve tired of the use of her body, I’ll put her to work to regain the money that motherfucker owes me.”

Gravelly Voice laughed. “She’s going to make you a shit load of cash with that body. Our clients are going to be fighting over who’s going to fuck her first.”

Accent Voice chuckled. “Yeah, they will. Maybe I’ll sell her instead.”

“You’d make more by doing that. There’s a Triad leader expected to arrive in Minot tomorrow morning,” Gravelly Voice said. “I have a contact in the organization. If you want, I can take a picture and send it to him. I’m sure his boss would love to add a sexy blonde to his collection. He’s already obtained a red-head, brunette, and a few other women. Apparently, he’s obsessed with acquiring a blonde. She’d be right up his alley and he’ll pay big bucks to acquire his final piece.”

“How much do you think he’d pay?” Accent Voice asked.

“In excess of five hundred K.”

“Why? He could get one of his men to snatch any woman he wanted off the street.”

“He likes to stay as close to the parameters of the law as he can. He doesn’t want the law nosing around his business,” Gravelly Voice explained. “He’s built up a reputation for being a savvy, legitimate businessman. All his other deals are done by his men, so he can’t be implicated.

“From what I’ve gathered, Lei’s old man has strict moral values and if he got wind of what his son was up to, the shit would hit the fan. He’d likely disown his son for bringing shame to his family’s good name. The father is a big deal back in China, someone with political clout.”

“Take the picture,” Accent Voice said. “The shipment is supposed to arrive in a few minutes. I want all the men ready. We don’t want any of those women drawing attention to this place. They need to be gagged and cuffed, so they can’t scream or get away.”

“They’re already out back waiting, boss. You have no need to worry,” Gravelly Voice said. “What do you want me to do with this one?”

“Leave her. I don’t think she’ll be waking up anytime soon and if she does, she’s too injured to get far. I’m heading to the office for that call I’m expecting. You go and deal with the women and tell those horny bastards to keep their hands to themselves and their dicks in their pants. The only way they’ll be getting a taste of the merchandise is if they pay for it.”

Kenzie lifted her lids until she could see through the narrow slits and sighed with relief when she saw the men disappear from sight. She was so scared she was trembling, or maybe the quaking was a combination of pain, fear, and cold. She wasn’t sure how she felt about finding out the man she knew as her father wasn’t related to her by blood. It was a relief after the way he’d treated her, but also a shock.

However, it didn’t matter right now. She could deal with that later.

She was alone in the large warehouse for the moment but from what she’d overheard, she wouldn’t be alone for long. This might be her only chance at escaping and she wasn’t about to let the agony searing her body or the terror causing her to tremble, stop her from trying.

She’d rather die from a bullet in her back than have her body used against her will, or be bought and sold like a commodity.

Her teeth bit into her lip as she rolled over onto her hands and knees. She was panting heavily and sweating up a storm as pain wracked her body, but she didn’t have time to wallow. She dug her teeth deeper into her lip and shoved up to her feet. Her head throbbed, and she swayed on her feet dizzily, trying to keep her breathing fast and shallow so as not to cause her aching ribs to protest. She turned in a circle, gazing about, and her heart flipped in her chest when she saw light coming from what she assumed was an office where Accent Voice was going to be making or taking his phone call. There was a door that was ajar on the opposite side of the warehouse, not far from the entrance to the office, and she guessed Gravelly Voice had exited through it. She turned again and took a hesitant step toward another closed door on the far side to where the office was, hoping that it wasn’t locked or squeaked from disuse. Another step followed the first and then another and another, until she was finally close enough to reach out for the door handle. She held her breath and tugged on the handle, glancing back over her shoulder toward the office and the ajar door, and pulled it open.

The breath whooshed from her lungs with relief and she sucked in another deep gulp of air. Blood filled her mouth when she bit into her lip, quelling the moan of pain when her ribs expanded.

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