How (Not) To Be Seduced By Billionaires (Books 1-3)(4)

By: Marian Tee

My face burned with color at what I had just privately admitted to myself.

When he bent towards me, I tensed. “Relax,” he said so softly that I knew I would be the only one able to hear him. “I don’t bite.”

Just as I opened my mouth to answer, he added even more softly, “Not unless you want me to. Starting with those lovely nipples of yours.”

Ladies and gentlemen, as of 9:24 in the morning, this 21st of September, I have officially had my first orgasm – or something really close to it. Trembling, I quickly turned away, my seat swiveling completely so that he would only be able to see the back of my chair. I had no plans responding – absolutely no plan at all since I knew whatever I say wouldn’t be able to hide how those words excited my body even as my mind recoiled from them.

Constantijin Kastein was like no one I knew – or even imagined knowing. I would never have thought of any stranger saying something like that to me; but when he did, it sounded terrifyingly right.

Ten minutes into the questionnaire and I could feel his gaze on me again, more heated than ever. We both knew I was aware that he was mentally undressing me with his gaze.

For a second, my fingers clenched around my Barbie-pink pen like a vise – the only thing I could do to release the weird and intense pressure that the sexual tension between us had created inside of me.

“Cute pen,” he said suddenly, startling me into dropping the said cute pen.

I stared in frustration at how that action had left an inch-long zigzag mark in the middle of my answer sheet. Great – just darn great. Whoever would end up checking this would be forgiven for thinking I might have been doodling around because I was having a hard time answering their questions.

“Thank you,” I muttered, swiveling my seat towards him as I reluctantly lifted my gaze to meet his, knowing I owed him that much. It was exactly as I feared.

Constantijin held my gaze with his bright gray eyes – and claimed me entirely through it. His seat swiveled as he faced me completely, our knees bumping as he did. I could only swallow, knowing that everything he did was a calculated move to seduce me – even though there were a dozen of other people in the room with us.

With this kind of sexual tension – none of that really mattered.

“Is pink your favorite color?” Oh, dear Lord, that accent was so sinfully sexy, too. It made me think of him with days-old stubble, arousing me as he used its rough texture to tease my brea---

Where the hell were all these thoughts coming from?

Realizing he was still waiting for an answer, I nodded, not trusting myself to speak. I wanted to turn away but knew it would be the height of disrespect if I did. He was Constantijin Kastein of Kastein Incorporated, after all.

He inched even closer, and I tensed again when our knees bumped the second time. Unable to bear another not-so-accidental encounter, I swiveled my seat back in and glanced determinedly down on my questionnaire and answer sheet.

If I had thought that would dissuade him, it just seemed to have the opposite effect. Constantijin actually inched closer – enough for his breath to fan my cheek. As he spoke, I could feel his gaze caressing my breasts. “Thank God the ink’s not pink. That would be too much.”

I gripped my pen tightly again. Damn him. It was him that was too much…everything. Taking a deep breath, I prepared myself to tell him off. But when I looked up, he was already busy talking with Bottle Blonde, who – in complete contrast with how I felt – seemed more than eager to have him seduce her. Or even vice versa. You could tell by the way she was playing with the low neckline of her tight black dress, as if she was trying to figure out how to make it “unintentionally” reveal more of her already much-exposed cleavage. Any lower and she’d be showing her nipples.

Constantijin asked us to return the Q&A sheets after a few minutes. I slid mine on the table toward him, unwilling to have our fingers touch again. I grabbed my bag, hoping I could leave right away so I would have time to compose myself before the dreaded one-on-one interview.

When I turned to leave, I saw Constantijin blocking my way, his back to me as he firmly bid Bottle Blonde goodbye. As Constantijin turned towards me, Bottle Blonde threw me a vicious glance of loathing. I pretended not to notice because if I did, it would be like a war between one slut to another and I was no slut – even though my body had been begging to differ the moment Constantijin started his visual seduction.

Nodding a polite goodbye to him, I kept my head down as I tried to sidestep him and leave. But he was suddenly in front of me, blocking my way again. This time, I couldn’t help looking up with a mixture of suspicion and exasperation. I felt just a bit of sexual frustration, too, but that was neither here nor there.

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