How (Not) To Be Seduced By Billionaires (Books 1-3)(3)

By: Marian Tee

“I know,” he said so nicely it made me look at him. I inhaled sharply when I saw how he was looking at me, the way his eyes took its time to linger on my lips. It was like he wanted me to know he was driving himself crazy wondering how my lips tasted.

I bit my lip.

His nostrils flared.

I hurriedly released my lip, realizing he might have thought I was being deliberately provocative. I swung my seat back in, staring determinedly at the wall across me. I had a hard time believing I just had some sort of eye-sex with a near total stranger. A really mind-blowingly hot one but – still a stranger.

Who was still staring at me.

I gripped my armrests tightly, using it to anchor me in place and not turn towards him like his eyes were demanding me to.

A soft chuckle then I heard the cushion of his seat squeaking a little as he turned to face the others.

“Now that we’re all complete, we can start the interview.”

At his words, I had swung my seat back to face him in a second. I gaped at him. Had I heard him correctly?

Mr. Too-Sexy-To-Be-True glanced at me, his grin no longer secretive but wicked this time. “Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to officially welcome you to Kastein Inc. Thank you for your interest in joining my company. I’m delighted to see you all here.” He all but purred the last pronoun out, with a swift glance at my lips under his lashes as he spoke.

It had the most incredible impact on my body, and I could only silently gasp in horror as I felt my nipples coming to life until they were poking against the thick silk of my shirt.

I hurriedly grabbed my bag and placed it in front of me, but one glance at the knowing gleam in the man’s eyes told me I was too late.

Maybe – maybe I was too late all along and just one look at me and he knew he could have me. Anywhere, anytime, any---oh God, what the hell was I thinking?

“You’re Yanna Everleigh?” He didn’t wait for an answer and offered his hand instead. “I’m Constantijin Kastein and I will be interviewing you today.”

No wonder everyone was staring. No fucking wonder. He was a Kastein – a board member at the very least. And I had taken the seat next to him like I was going to interview the others, too, when I should have been with them at the opposite side of the table.

Still drowning in a mental pool of embarrassment, I slowly took his hand. His hand immediately gripped mine, but what made my eyes shoot up to him incredulously was how he also managed to caress my fingers at the same time.

He returned it with an innocent one of his own. “Since you’re the last one to arrive, I hope you understand if you will be the last one I’ll be interviewing one-on-one.”

I could only nod dumbly. I hadn’t even known there was going to be a one-on-one. I was absolutely unprepared for it but right now, what I was most worried about was how my nipples seemed to be knocking against my blouse and begging for his attention. Worse, I also felt the heat of his gaze burn through my blouse just before he looked back at the other applicants. It was only for a second, but God! That second was something I’d never forget – just that one look and he made me feel he was already cupping my breasts and sucking my nipples.

I clutched my armrests more desperately. It was all I could do to control myself, knowing that if I crossed my legs he would know I was doing so because I was becoming wet for him. Oh dear, I was wet. For the first time in my life I was wet between my legs and it had nothing to do with taking a shower. It had everything to do with the man still eye-humping me and it was all I could do not to eye-hump him back.

How could a pair of silvery gray eyes be so powerfully seductive?

The nature of my thoughts made me want to drown myself longer in the pool of embarrassment in my mind, now transformed into a sauna of utter humiliation.

Constantijin Kastein.

He owned the company I was applying for and I hadn’t even recognized him. How could I be so dumb? And I was late for my interview, too. Why was I even here?

Constantijin was still speaking, his voice deep and husky but his accent less pronounced this time. And then he was handing out questionnaires. He gave mine last, and our fingers not so accidentally – on his part – brushed. I bit back another gasp, aghast and just outright stunned at how the merest touch from him could turn me on, more so than I already was.

How was it that I had lived 24 years without even being tempted to watch porn or masturbate and yet one look from this man was enough to make me mentally pant for his touch? If I had to be ruthlessly honest with myself, a part of me was even imagining what his cock would look like. I didn’t care about anyone else’s – I just wanted to look at his.

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