His Virgin Babysitter(23)

By: Lila Younger

Whatever her parents believed about us, they had it stuck firmly in their heads, and no amount of talking on Jade’s part would sway their opinion. I tried to do my best to remain polite, but when she turned on Jade, all bets were off. We make it through drinks in the living room before Jade runs out of the house in tears. I do the only thing I could, holding her tight as she sobs.

After that debacle, her parents stop talking to Jade. It devastates her, not only because she’s their oldest, but because she is going to have their first grandchild and family means everything to Jade. She didn’t want her kid to grow up not knowing his or her grandparents. I hate the part that I had to play in it, and I hate the fact that her parents are so obstinate and blind that they refuse to believe their daughter is old enough to make her own decisions.

At least we have Luna to cheer us up. We buy her a little baby doll for her to carry around and practice being a big sister with, and she loves it. She carries it with her everywhere, pretending to change its diaper, rocking it to sleep, feeding it food. It’s pretty fucking adorable. I’m very glad that we did win full custody of Luna, though I was never too worried. Her mother was sleeping with a drug dealer. What judge wouldn’t transfer custody? Stacie didn’t even try to fight it like I thought she would. I guess that it was easier for her to not have to take care of a kid. I haven’t heard from her since. There are times when I wonder how I’m going to explain it to my sweet little girl when she grows up, but for now Luna has adapted wonderfully, even going so far as calling Jade her mother. I don’t correct her because I’ve already decided to marry Jade. It’s just a matter of when.

And of course, we have the ultrasounds to look forward to. It seems crazy that something the size of a little bean could bring so much happiness to Jade and I, but it did. I even buy our own little Doppler so that we can listen to the heartbeat whenever we want to. And I love watching Jade’s body swell, become soft and round and glowing. Knowing that inside that curved belly is my child, the product of my virility is a serious boost to my ego. I know one thing for sure: we’re not just going to have one baby. I want us to have a house filled with children. We even take it easy when we have sex, even though the doctor says it’s fine, because the last thing we want to do is hurt the baby.

“Let’s move,” I say to Jade over lunch after her twenty week checkup.

“Move?” she asks, digging into a huge plate of nachos. She’s craved all things Mexican. I swear when the baby’s born, it’s going to be green she’s had so much guacamole.

“Yes. Move. Maybe to Cameron Park? I hear there are very good schools in that area for Luna. It can be a fresh start for us.”

We’ve touched on the conversation of moving here and there, but nothing concrete.

“It would be better to do it before the baby gets here, and there’s a practice I can take over there.”

She looks up in surprise.

“A practice to take over?”

“That’s right. An old guy who has no kids. I’d buy half, work with him, and then in another year or two when he retires he’ll sell the rest to me. It’s not corporate law, just basic everyday stuff like wills and things. Best part of it is that I’ll have regular hours.”

Her eyes open wide. I know that that’s been something I’ve wanted, and it’s become more and more important to Jade too. The money in my trust is enough to get us through an emergency, and pay for our children’s tuition and retirement. It’s not something I can touch if I can help it, plus there’s something about a man working and providing for his family that prevents me from doing nothing every day.

“That’s amazing,” she says. “Are you sure?”

“I’m positive. I said that I want to be there for you and our children. I promised I wouldn’t miss another moment of Luna’s life. And this is the way to do it. It’ll be a fresh start for us.”

I lay down the plan as we eat, and Jade starts to get excited about it too. She even goes onto Zillow to look at the houses. That very afternoon we called up an agent to see a beautiful Cape Cod house, a two minute walk from the elementary and a fifteen minute drive to work. As soon as she walked in, Jade turns to me and says, ‘This is it. This is our forever home.’ And it turns out she’s right. Not because it is in the perfect location, or because it has crown moldings everywhere. It’s perfect because she can see already how our little family can grow in it, and that makes it perfect to me too.

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