His Virgin Babysitter(13)

By: Lila Younger

“Morning Luna,” I say as I prepare eggs and bacon for breakfast. Not the healthiest thing, but it’s what I have, and Luna doesn’t seem to be a picky eater. I turn around and see that she’s wearing her new green shirt and blue leopard leggings. It looks... okay I think, but I have no sense of fashion whatsoever. One of the perks of being a lawyer is you can get away with wearing a black suit every day.

“Morning daddy,” she says. She crawls up to the barstool and watches me as I cook.

“You want juice or anything?”

“Uh huh,” she says.

I open up the fridge. Luckily there’s some orange juice, and it still smells okay, so I pour her a glass. She gulps it down and pushes the cup back for more.

“You ready for preschool?” I ask.

There’s a flash of fear in Luna’s eyes, the very first time I’ve ever seen it. Up until now, she’s been so smooth and easy about the sudden change in circumstances that I thought this would be the same too.


“Yes. A really fun place where you’ll get to learn to read, and count, and you can make lots of friends too with other little girls.”

Luna doesn’t look convinced.

“I really enjoyed school when I was your age,” I say as I pile up eggs and bacon onto our plates. “I got to learn, and play games, and have all sort of fun. And then my mom would come pick me up at lunch time and we would eat and do fun things at home.”

“Mom is picking me up?” she says, perking up.

Shit. Wrong thing to say.

“Well, not today. Jade will be though.”

That seems to satisfy Luna, and she digs into her food. I need to come up with some kind of story as to why her mother isn’t around. After the first twenty four hours without contact, I’m running on the assumption that Stacie doesn’t plan on showing up anytime soon. That works for me though. John says it bolsters my case for custody, and I can’t imagine not coming home to her and Jade.

Jade... The thought of seeing her tonight sends the blood rushing to my cock. I can’t wait to have my way with her again, watch her breasts bounce as I fuck deep into her, her face radiating with pleasure as she calls out my name. I love that she’s nothing like the women I used to date. The complete opposite to Stacie really. Jade is natural, open, and curvy in all the right places. Her pussy’s so soft and tight and womanly it would make a lesser man come on the spot. I contemplate skipping work altogether so that I could have my way with her, but I resist pulling out my phone. Waiting will make it even better, and I have a very fun thing to do with her tonight.


“I’m home,” I call out. It feels good to say it.

Luna comes barreling around a corner, arms upraised. Even though the day was filled with frustrations, especially from Sherman, seeing lets the stress roll off my shoulders like water from a duck. For the first time, I’m wishing I have a job where I could leave the office at five instead of seven.

“Daddy, daddy, daddy!” she screams, and I lean down to pick her up and swoop her around. She shrieks with joy as I lift her up and then put her down.

“How was your day Luna?” I ask.

“Ah-mazing!” she says. “We made cookies!”

“For dinner?” I ask, and she giggles.

“No silly, for dessert!”

Jade pokes her head around the corner. She looks ruffled, hair up in a messy bun, and there’s a smear of flour on her cheek, but she’s gorgeous anyways. She’s taken off her flannel shirt, and the tank top underneath hugs her breasts perfectly. A woman like Jade doesn’t need a fancy dress or piles of makeup to look good. I resist the urge to sweep her into my arms for a kiss as Luna leads me down the hall. I sniff the air.

“You made dinner? You didn’t have to,” I say.

“I wanted to. I thought it would be nice for us all to eat together. It’s important for a child to have family dinners,” she says turning beet red. “Not that I think we’re a family or anything, but-”

“No, it’s a great idea,” I cut in smoothly. “I’m glad you’re thinking so much about Luna. I made a good choice when I asked you to take care of her.”

Jade beams with pleasure.

“Come on,” Luna says, tugging on my arm impatiently. “I’m hungry.”

My daughter leads me to the head of the table, then goes over to Jade. Together the two of them bring the food over to the large wooden table. I had let the home decorator pick whatever she wanted when I asked her to furnish the place, and she’d chosen a dark wooden table that could seat at least ten. I should have told her that as a lawyer, I rarely eat dinner at home, but now I’m glad to have it so we could gather together like this. Jade helps Luna with the spaghetti and garlic bread before making her own plate, and then we all dig in. Sitting at the head of the table like this, watching the two of them interact, I feel something akin to possessiveness and a fierce desire to protect this little makeshift family. It’s completely foreign, and yet natural.

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