His Virgin Babysitter(12)

By: Lila Younger

“That’s right.” His eyes hold me for one more second before he releases me. Opening up the door, He lets me go through, then stands in the doorway as I get into my car. His bronzed, lean body is perfection, and for half a second I really do think about jumping back into those muscular arms. He gives me a wave as I start the car, then heads back inside.

The drive home is easy and quiet. There isn’t much traffic at all tonight, leaving me all alone with my thoughts. My body aches, especially between my legs, a subtle reminder that I’m no longer a virgin.

“Holy. Crap,” I say softly as I wait at a red light. “I’m no longer a virgin.”

For some reason, it feels like it should be a bigger deal or something. And yet, everything is still the same. Nothing is changed, but my whole world is different. My hand skims over my breast, my pussy. Did I really let a man do all those things to me? Did I really cry out his name as wildly as I did? I had always thought that sort of moaning happened only in porno’s, but Carter simply made it impossible for me to feel self-conscious or insecure. It was that good.

I turn onto the quiet street I live on. Most of the houses had their living room lights on, looking warm and cozy from where I am on the outside. I wouldn’t mind a home like this one day, on a family friendly street where kids could play street hockey without worry, a three bedroom Craftsman with crown molding and history, and a husband and two kids (one boy one girl of course). That’s all very far off in the future though, especially from where I’m sitting. I still have to finish university, then law school or medical school, and then maybe even a residency or whatever else before I could even think about settling down.

My parent’s home is the last one at the end of the cul-de-sac. A basketball hoop sits in the driveway. It’s a picture perfect image of the American dream. As soon as I turn off the engine, the front door flies open and my mom comes out.

“Where were you Jade?” she asks. “I’ve been calling.”

“Sorry. I did send you a text. It must not have gone through.” I say, brushing past her to head inside the house. The smell of chocolate chip cookies greet me, making my mouth water. My mom loves to bake, and I’m pretty starved after all the physical exertion of tonight.

“You’re avoiding the question. Where were you?”

“Just out with friends. I got paid and figured it’d be nice to go out and enjoy myself a little.”

Ever since I went to college, I’ve been dreading coming home. My mom’s rules are so stifling, and I feel like she treats me like the teenager I no longer am. I wasn’t even a rebellious kid! No sneaking out, no bad grades, nothing. So I really don’t understand why my mom always treats me as though I need the discipline.

“How’s the job hunt?” she says, switching tracks. “I don’t like that you’re a babysitter. That’s hardly the job we sent you off to university for.”

“It’s just temporary. I already sent off another ten applications today mom. And I’ll send off another ten tomorrow, okay?”

My mom crosses her arms as I pull off my boots and hang up my jacket.

“I just want the best for you,” she says. “Honey, you’re so smart. I don’t want you to waste your talents.”

I look at her and sigh. Sometimes I wonder if she’s talking more about herself than me. When I was born, she became a stay at home mom. Maybe she regretted it.

“I know. I’m not, I promise,” I relent.

“Good. You know, Margaret from three doors down mentioned that her company was hiring. I think you’d be doing something in accounting. Now doesn’t that sound much better than chasing a kid around all day?”

“It does,” I say. “I’ll apply tomorrow.”

But honestly? I have no plans to switch jobs. I’m already counting down the minutes until I can see Carter again.


The next morning is a busy one. I need to sign Luna up for preschool. Gina’s a miracle worker, and has managed to get me a few half days from work, but it won’t last forever. Plus, something tells me that Stacie hasn’t bothered to work with Luna at all on basic literacy. It’s a shame, because Luna is very, very bright and she should be much further along than she was according to Jade. I guess they went to the library, and Luna looked like a person in the desert who found water. She couldn’t believe how many books there were.

Hearing that story breaks my heart because up until now I had always assumed that Stacie was a competent mother. She certainly never gave any indication otherwise. But now I’m wondering exactly what their home situation was. I guess Stacie didn’t want to shake me down for money, but I would have been happy to give some if I had known Luna needed it. It sure wasn’t doing jack shit for me sitting in the bank. I’m far too busy to maintain a hobby of any kind while I’m trying to become senior partner.

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