Her Mate's Secret Baby:Interstellar Brides, Book 9

By: Grace Goodwin
Interstellar Brides, Book 9

Chapter One

Natalie Montgomery, Bride Processing Center, North America

“Keep that stimsphere in your pussy, gara.”

The voice was deep and commanding and I didn’t know what a stimsphere was, nor what gara meant. I knew, though, that if I stopped clenching my inner walls around the heavy, solid object, it would fall to the soft rug beneath my bare feet. The round object was inside me, teasing me with what I really wanted… my mate’s hard cock.

I closed my eyes, trying to keep the smooth object within. But I was too wet. Too hot. Too ready for my mate to claim me. I knew the ball would fall, and I’d be punished. Again.

The thought made me moan with pleasure, even as a large, warm hand traced the length of my spine from the base of my neck, down over my curves to rest on my bare bottom. Prickly heat stung where I knew he’d spanked me because I let the sphere fall once already. The pressure of it stretching me, filling me, was a carnal tease and my pussy ached for release, ached to tighten around his cock instead. Sweat dripped from my brow as I felt the sphere slip, sensed it at the entrance to my core. About to fall. Not again!

Shifting my hips, I tried to stop the inevitable even as the deep male voice behind me chuckled at my struggle.

“Naughty mate, I see the stimsphere. Hold it inside that wet pussy, or I’ll spank you again.”

“I… I can’t.” I was leaning over a small, padded table. I tugged on my arms but realized I was bound to it, ankles and wrists. A cushion was beneath my belly, and while comfortable, I realized I was positioned perfectly for him to do whatever he wanted. My ass was in the air, my bare pussy perfectly exposed for him to see. I could not hide from him.

My mate placed both large hands on my bottom, one on each side, and pulled them apart to inspect me. I’d never been so exposed. So vulnerable.

I expected to feel shame, or embarrassment. But this woman’s body reveled in his inspection, knew what would follow.

“You are so wet for me. I understand why you’re having trouble, gara.” His deep voice was rough with his own desire. How I knew that, how I knew exactly how my mate sounded when he was about to lose control and give me what I wanted, I had no idea. But I did. He was close. I just needed to push him. Tempt him.

Shaking with need, I felt cold metal brush against one inner thigh, then the other and knew a heavy chain dangled beneath me, attached to the stimsphere, pulling it slowly, inexorably down.

I was too wet, too aroused, to keep it within. My muscles quivered with the effort to hold it in place, my clit pulsed with the ache and need. But I didn’t want the stimsphere, I wanted him. Filling me. Stretching me open. Making me come. I opened up, loosened my hold on the sphere and it fell from me and onto the floor.

I gasped, feeling empty. “Please, I need… more.”

I didn’t even recognize my voice. It was deep and raspy as if I’d been screaming in pleasure. The way I felt, all aching need, I probably hadn’t come, but cried out from desperation instead.

This man, my mate, whoever he was, knew how to push me. And I loved it.

He tsked me as I felt his palm stroke over my tender bottom.

“This is more, gara. Any man could just fuck you, but I am your mate and I know what you need. You need my command, my authority over your body. Only then will you let go.”

His hand came down on my bare bottom with a loud crack and I cried out in shock. I knew this wasn't real, that I’d never been spanked before, but whatever this was, it hurt, but the pain quickly morphed into a fiery pleasure, merging with the already growing ball of hot, frantic need.

“First you will beg, gara. You will lose control. You will forget everything but me.” His hot breath fanned my neck just before he kissed me in the sweet spot right behind my ear. “Only then will I fuck you.”


“This is what you want?” he breathed, as a finger swirled over my entrance.

Oh yes, that was exactly what I wanted. Just the gentlest swipe of that fingertip sent heat clear to my toes. My clit pulsed. “More,” I begged.

Pressing his body against mine, I felt every hot, hard inch of him along my back.

“This?” His finger slid inside me. Retreated. “You’re dripping for me.”

“Please.” I clenched my eyes closed, every muscle in my body taut, ready to come like I’d never before in my life.

I just needed a… little… bit… more. I needed him, hard and rough, pulling my hair and rutting into me like he’d never stop. A wildness rose inside me I did not recognize. A desperate, broken cry rose from my throat, the animalistic groan a sound I did not recognize.

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