Her Lion Billionaire(8)

By: Lizzie Lynn Lee

“Come.” Anika motioned to Charlotte. “I’ll show you to the guestroom.”

She had no choice but to follow Daniel’s sister. They walked through a high-ceilinged corridor where the heels of their shoes echoed on the prized Italian marble.

The guestroom was elegantly furnished along modern lines with an Asian flair. Dark granite floors were paired with pale walls and shoji-style screens. The windows were framed with old timber like temples in Kyoto.

“The bathroom is in here, and everything in this closet is yours. My personal shopper picked up everything that we thought would suit your taste.”

Charlotte frowned. “My clothes? I don’t understand.”

“I forgot to tell you that Daniel ordered me to provide you with anything you might need, since you’d be spending plenty of time here from now on.”

Charlotte wasn’t sure she was happy with this arrangement. Just what did that man have in mind? Pretty cocky, wasn’t he? He assumed she’d agree with all this.

“This is the dress that Danny chose for you for dinner. And a pair of must-have accessories of course.” Anika lifted up a pair of sleek gloves. “They’re made from lambskin, thin and soft enough so it will feel like you aren’t wearing anything. Ah. Isn’t this exciting? I never dreamed I’d meet a Sandman’s daughter.”

“I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I’m only a freak.”

“Then I’m a freak as well.”

Charlotte looked up at her. “But you seem so normal. Are you… like… him too?”

“Yes. I’m Danny’s half-sister, but I’m a pureblooded shapeshifter. My father, our father, was the alpha of our pride. He abdicated his title seven years ago, and now Danny is our alpha.”

“Is there plenty of your kind out there?”

“My, my. That’s classified information, you know?”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to pry.”

“You’ll know more about us when you officially join our family.”

“You make it sound like everything has been decided.”

Anika laughed again. “One thing I know is that my brother is very determined. Once he’s decided he wants something, he’ll keep trying until he’s succeeded.”

“He’s quite different from what I see in the media. I thought he was a nice guy.”

Anika looked up to the ceiling while tapping her finger on her delicate chin. “Danny is a complex man. He can be such a bastard to his enemies, but he can appear like Prince Charming. I know, without a doubt, Daniel is protective and kind to the people who are important to him.”

Is that so? Charlotte couldn’t help but be intrigued.

“Well,” Anika clasped her hands together, “please make yourself at home. I’ll come for you a bit later.”

After Anika left, Charlotte examined the clothing that had been prepared for her. Black sheath dress. Black lingerie. Black hosiery. A pair of black Mary Jane pumps. Akoya pearl necklace.

Charlotte picked up the bra and checked the tag. She was astonished when she realized it was the correct size. Unconsciously, she was grinding her teeth. Did he snoop into her drawers at home while she was at work? Man, that man is a pervert.

Nah. His PIs must have done it. Well, those guys are perverts.

She sank onto the bed. The mattress bounced softly. She thought about it some more. Daniel had gone to such lengths to prepare all of this, the least she could do was hear him out. No, it wouldn’t be so bad. She admitted that curiosity had gotten the best of her.

Charlotte took a shower and washed her hair. As she dried her hair with a blow dryer, she thought of how much of a pain in the ass these rich people were. They had to get dolled up like this for dinner. She put on the new lingerie and marveled at how nice the expensive bra and panties felt against her skin, unlike the cheap stuff she bought from K-mart. The silk dress and the Wolford tights transformed her into a stranger she barely recognized in the mirror. Dressed prettily for the first time in her life, Charlotte smiled. Whoa, I look nice!

She decided against putting her hair up like usual and let her raven, waist-length hair hang down. It was nicer that way. The makeup set on the vanity caught her attention. She toyed with the idea of trying it all on but chickened out. She settled on just a red lip tint.

Anika announced her arrival with a soft rap on the door. “Knock, knock,” she said. “Look what we have here. You cleaned up prettily.” Anika invited herself in. She stalked around Charlotte while studying her face. Anika’s gait reminded Charlotte of a lioness cornering her prey. “You’re missing something. A little makeup would have a big impact.”

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