Her Lion Billionaire(4)

By: Lizzie Lynn Lee

Addington glanced at his watch. “Ah, look at the time. We must get going. Ms. Winters, shall we?” He offered his arm.


“Didn’t you read my message? I said I’d pick you up for dinner after work.”

The bouquet! Damn. She’d thrown the card that came with the roses away without reading it. It was impossible to back out now without sounding like an ass. He had put her in a difficult position in front of her coworkers. Clever bastard.

Charlotte feigned ignorance. “Sorry, I forgot.” She inclined her head. “Please, go ahead. I’ll follow you.”

Moira noticed that she didn’t take his arm. “Charlotte has a phobia about germs, Mr. Addington, so you’ll have to excuse her. She doesn’t like being touched.”

“That was presumptuous of me. I’m sorry.” He gestured toward the stairs. “After you, Ms. Winters.”

Charlotte walked with awkwardness under the jealous stares of the fangirls. If her boss wasn’t watching, she’d have taken off running like the Roadrunner.

He herded her to the front of the building where his chauffeur waited by a shiny new black Mercedes.

She turned around. “Mr. Addington—”

“Please, call me Daniel,” he interjected.

“Daniel. I forgot that I have errands this evening. Can we do this some other time?” Yeah. Like never?

He didn’t seem to be buying her lie. “Then I shall accompany you to your destination. Driving is much faster than public transportation.”

Charlotte sighed. “I don’t know how to say this, but I’ll try.” She paused. “That time we first met, I didn’t see anything, didn’t remember anything, and I won’t breathe about it to another soul as long as I live. You have my word on it.”

Daniel only smiled. “I know who you are. A rarest of the rare. A Dream Eater.”

Dream Eater? That’s new.

“Have you been like this your entire life?” he asked.

“Like, being weird?”

“Your gift, I meant.”

“Gift? It feels like a curse to me.”

“Do you dislike your talent that much? I find it very intriguing.” Daniel searched her eyes. “If I touch you, will I see my future again? Our future—together?”

“Please don’t do that.” Charlotte took a step back. “Let this one slide. What you saw was nothing but an illusion.”

“How could you be sure?” he pressed. “Has this happened to you before?”

She shook her head. “My gut feeling says no.”

“Then I can’t accept this. Since the day we met, it has been driving me insane. I can’t get you off my mind. I simply must know if we are fated to be together. I believe that you’re destined to be my mate.”

“What? Don’t be ridiculous.”

“Why not?”

“Why not? Just look at us. You’re somebody and I’m a nobody. This ain’t a Cinderella story. The two of us can never be together. It is so not gonna happen.”

“That’s a poor excuse to be afraid of something you do not yet understand. I see you past one’s social strata. We are not living in the nineteenth century anymore. Save the class warfare for a history lecture. I feel strongly that we must explore—”

“No,” she cut him off. “I don’t want to.”

Daniel grabbed her hand, stopping her from leaving. “I’m afraid I must insist, Ms. Winters.”

Charlotte panicked for a moment. She didn’t want to see that embarrassing image again, reliving the premonition of two strangers who’d never laid eyes on each other wrestling in bed doing all kinds of X-rated stuff.

But then wasn’t that kind of thing pretty common these days? How was it any different to picking up a stranger in a bar and having all-night, casual, mind-blowing sex?

No, no. It’s too embarrassing.

From the corner of her eye, she caught Abby walking toward the subway with the girls from admin, so she resorted to the oldest trick in the world. She yanked her hand from his grip and pointed in the opposite direction. “Look, what’s that?”

He fell for it.

Charlotte couldn’t believe how easy it was to distract him. She used the opportunity to sprint toward her friends. “Hey, you guys!”

Abby and the girls stopped. “What are you doing?” Abby asked in an incredulous tone. “I thought you were having dinner with you-know-who?”

“Daniel has to leave. Urgent matters. Dinner has been cancelled. Let’s go, go, go!” Charlotte tapped Abby’s shoulder twice, urging her to move. With her gloved hand, Charlotte could touch a person without having to invade their privacy. Still, she avoided touchy-feely interaction on a daily basis if she could help it.

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