Freed (Bad Boy Hitman Romance)

By: Terry Towers & Stella Noir




Where the fuck am I? That was my first thought as I slowly began to regain consciousness. What happened? My mind was hazy, like when you’re not quite asleep, but not fully awake either. That’s how I felt. And what was with the weird taste in my mouth? My tongue felt slightly numb, and my throat was super dry. Slowly, I opened my eyes, but all I could see was darkness.

What the fuck!

Blindfolded. I was blindfolded. How in the hell did I get blindfolded? I attempted to bring my hands up to my eyes only to realize that they had been handcuffed behind my back. The cold metal dug into my wrists, and chains rattled when I attempted to move my hands. Suddenly, the hard surface at my back moved, tossing me from my back to my side.

“Ouch! Dammit!” My head flopped forward, and my forehead slammed against a cold, hard surface. And it smelled in here – like rubber and grease.

I groaned and rolled back onto my back. Taking a deep breath in, I slowly released it and concentrated on the sounds around me. It didn’t take me long to realize that I was in a vehicle. The trunk of a vehicle by the feel of it.

But how did I get here? My brow creased as I attempted to force myself to remember. It hurt to think. I cursed myself for not being able to recall. I was better than this. My father had gone to great pains to ensure I wasn’t ‘soft,’ before he was murdered, robbed and shot - or so they say - but I knew better. He used to say that I was created from his mold. I took that as a compliment. But here I was, apparently locked in a trunk, having no idea how I got here.

Anger surged through me. Whoever put me in here was going to pay dearly. I may have been the twenty-year-old daughter of a preacher who was lucky to weigh 125 pounds, but I was hardly an easy mark. Whoever took me had best be ready to bring his A game.

With anger fuelling my strength, I pulled my knees up to my chest and kicked at the lid of the trunk. It buckled but didn’t give way. “Let me out of here!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, giving the trunk another powerful two-footed kick. I struck at it over and over until my legs were sore and my throat burned from my screams. I gave one final kick of frustration before giving up. As much as I wanted to keep screaming and kicking, I knew I needed my energy. I had no idea how many people would be waiting when the trunk got popped.

“Rational. I need to be rational,” I told myself out loud. I knew the types of people who existed in this world – cold, hard, merciless people. People who enjoyed causing pain just for the sake of it. My father ensured that I’d been fully schooled in the darkness that surrounded us every day.

Think. Think. Think. How did I get into this mess? Why was my brain so fuzzy? I was finally starting to get some clarity when the car stopped. I was tempted to start kicking and screaming again, but refrained. Instead, I lay motionless, waiting and listening. There were no longer any sounds of traffic. That couldn’t be good.

Footsteps. I heard footsteps walking towards the trunk. Keys in the keyhole and a click. Suddenly a gush of fresh air filled my lungs. Oh, it smelled and felt so nice. I continued to resist the urge to scream and lash out with my feet. It wouldn’t do me any good until I knew what I was up against.

“There’s no use in playing possum. I heard the screams and kicks. I know you’re awake.”

That voice. Ohmygod!

A single word escaped my lips, disbelief in my tone. “Kyle?”

Chapter 1

Two Weeks Ago


“Umm-hmm. I would do him in a heartbeat.”

After pulling my laptop from its case and setting it up, I followed my friend Vanessa’s gaze to see the object of her admiration - a broad-shouldered blonde guy wearing a tight black t-shirt who sat two rows down and to the left. “He’s all right,” I responded with a nonchalant shrug, though in actuality he was more than all right; he was indeed insanely hot. Panty moistening hot in fact.

As if feeling our eyes on him, he turned his head and his icy blue eyes locked onto mine. Normally, men don’t have much of an effect on me. I’m not a lesbian or anything like that. I’m just not the typical young woman who swoons when a hot guy pays me some attention, but in this case just locking gazes caused my breath to hitch in my throat as my heart rate accelerated. He smiled a sweet, sexy smile that created dimples at both of his cheeks. Damn, he was gorgeous.

“Good morning class, I hope you all had a great weekend,” Professor Burke said walking into the classroom. All the chatter going on around me died out as we all directed our attention to our Human Sexuality psychology professor.

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