Falling for My Son's Best Friend(9)

By: Cassandra Dee

“Oh!” I shrieked. Oh god, what was happening? Things were spiraling out of control, sinking into a deep vortex, my body no longer mine. Because I wanted it, I wanted to give myself into the unknown, to give my body to this stranger, let him use me. Even if it meant ass play, even if it meant taking an unknown cock in my anus, yes, I wanted it. I was gone to the ecstasy, the allure of the incredible. So I moaned throatily, burying my head in the pillow, brain foggy as he stroked my tight pleats, finger rubbing sensuously before gently breaching the little pucker. Gasping, I rose up then, big boobs dragging on the coverlet, squealing as he pushed inside slowly, worming that digit in.

“Fuuuuck,” I shrieked, body on fire, pussy pulsing with lust, the drip between my thighs becoming a stream. “Fuuuck!”

And the big man just laughed throatily behind me, big body thrumming, finger increasing its pressure on my ass. And fuck, but with a slight pop, my tight ring gave in and that digit was up my anus then, my cheeks so tight around him, the dry, sensuous slide so good.

“Oh!” I shrieked breathily, anus twitching reflexively. I loved it, I loved the taboo aspect, how I currently had a stranger’s finger buried in my butt, nude on all fours in a hotel suite. It was so wrong, such a departure from the usual me, but it was so good, and my pussy creamed lustily, my entire body loosening and stiffening then, readying myself for a grand finale.

Because Trent wasn’t done yet. He twisted his finger a bit, letting me adjust, stretching my anal hole, letting it adjust to the invasion. And then he pushed again, breaching that tight pucker, going deeper and deeper until finally, he was completely buried, the entire digit rooted deep within my asshole. I screamed, I shrieked, loving it, welcoming him, the penetration, the nastiness. And the big man sat back for a moment, finger still up my butt.

“You like that, baby girl?” he rasped harshly, taking in the scene, my huge white ass cheeks bisected by his hand, wiggling his digit to make me shake and wail once more. “You like having Daddy’s finger in your bottom hole? Does my dirty little girl like Daddy’s finger up her butt?”

But I couldn’t answer because I was mindless with lust. My cunt pulsed madly, dripping, cream gushing from my pussy in waves, I was so turned on. And oh god, my ass. Even the smallest jostle, the smallest twitch of his digit made my anus clench, the penetration so good, so fucking dirty that I thought I might lose it right there, I might fucking come from just his finger.

But the man wasn’t letting me get off so easy.

“No honey,” he said, slowly pulling back, the slide in my pucker making me squeal. “You’re getting Daddy’s dick in your ass, it’s not just finger.”

And I screamed then. No, no I couldn’t possibly. Because looking through the vee of my spread legs, I caught glimpses of his dick jutting from his waist, and I just couldn’t. That thing was even bigger up close. Ten inches at least, deep purple with veins on both the top and bottom, pulsing in time with his heartbeat. And oh god, but it was leaking hard, the cum so copious, slick and wet, dripping like a faucet.

But a delicious realization crept over me, a tingling awareness, and I knew, just knew that the alpha male wasn’t going to take no. He was going to own me his way no matter what, and my only option was to make the best of it, prepare my body as best I could. So I took a deep breath and craned my head to meet his gaze, my eyes deep brown warm, soft, melty.

“Please,” I panted, pleading. “Go slow, okay? You’re so huge, and I … I don’t know if it’ll fit.”

The big man growled.

“You’re small honey,” he rasped, voice harsh, “but trust me, it’ll fit.”

And with that, he dropped a kiss on my anus once more before kneeling behind me, tip pressed against my privates.

“Oh god!” I squealed. “Oh god!” Because I thought he was going in dry, deep into my ass with no lube. But the big man just chuckled and with one swift stroke, buried his cock in my pussy.

“Unf!” I cried out, gasping, the air pushed out of my lungs, his fuckpole almost lifting me physically in the air, he was so big. “Ohhh!” I was like a pig skewered on a spit, my pussy so fucking full. And he slid sensuously back, making sure I felt every inch of his rod, every long, dripping centimeter withdrawing gloriously through my interior channel, my pussy lips hugging him tight, before pushing back in again, so deep I thought he might pop out of my throat.

Trent growled with approval, looking down at where our bodies joined, my cunt so moist, swallowing him whole.

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