Falling for My Son's Best Friend(4)

By: Cassandra Dee

But the fat man caved like a candle melting in flame.

“She didn’t say she was with anyone!” he whined. “She was just standing there, hanging onto my every word, she liked me!”

And I grew stiff, outraged and protesting.

“No,” I started, “I never said anything, I was …”

But it didn’t matter because the architect was already gone, his shiny head disappearing in the crowd, his blonde fluff waving comically like duck feathers.

“Thanks,” I murmured shyly, turning to the man before me. And getting a good look, I gasped because my savior was even better looking than I initially thought. Dimples dotted his cheeks as he smiled, and he shot me another appraising look, letting that blue gaze trail over my breasts, my waist, my big, swinging hips. My body burst into flames, a tingle in my cunt, nips growing hard despite myself. Oh god, oh god, this was so embarrassing, the thin fabric of this dress was no match for my huge Double Ds and I only prayed that my nips weren’t sticking out like bullets, hard and pointy for the man to see.

But he could read my arousal, smiling sensuously at me as his gaze lingered on my breasts, the way they trailed over my cleavage, up my neck and then resting on my peachy mouth.

“No worries,” he said casually, like he hadn’t just made my body catch fire, pussy moisten deliciously. “You’re a beautiful woman, figures it happens to you all the time. I’m Trent, by the way,” he said sticking out his hand.

And I took it shyly, that huge grasp swallowing up my small one, the touch electric, making me gasp. But I had to act normal, I had to act like I had a brain and wasn’t dissolving into a puddle right here in the middle of the bar.

“Hi,” I blushed, trying not to show that I was breathing hard. “I’m Marie.”

He grinned at me.

“So what are you doing here, Marie?” he asked, eyebrow quirked. “This isn’t the place a pretty lady like you usually hangs out, is it?”

And I flushed.

“Um no, my friend Angela brought me here,” I said quickly, scanning the crowd for Ang’s head. Where was she anyways? But then I saw her over to the side, laughing and chatting amiably with three men. Oh yeah, my friend was such a flirt she was entertaining three guys on her own, all of them laughing uproariously as she tossed her hair back, made faces, even did a little dance as part of her antics. “I’m usually at home on a Friday night,” I murmured. “This is new for me.”

“New huh?” he asked. “Yeah, I wouldn’t have guessed the Boom Room was the place for beautiful women, I thought it was more dudes looking to hook up with whatever tramps were in sight.”

And I gasped, shocked. Really? This was that type of place? There was nothing to indicate that it was, there was a soft thrum of music in the background, everyone dressed to the nines.

But the man leaned close, his breath warm in my ear.

“See that female over there?” he said in a low voice, indicating a woman at the edge of the bar.

And I looked. There was a middle-aged chick sitting at the bar, brown hair in an elegant chignon with a deep red dress on, nothing crazy about her, she looked normal, just another lady stirring a drink, looking around like she was waiting for a date.

“She’s a high-priced working girl, just wait for it,” he murmured again.

And I gasped, both from his proximity and the fact that I couldn’t believe it. In fact, this woman could have been me, looking a little unsure of herself. But as I watched, a man slid onto the seat beside her and she smiled at him, her eyes lighting up, friendly yet sensuous.

“No, she’s just single,” I whispered back to the alpha male, light going off in my body because of his proximity. “That guy’s picking her up, see?”

But then things took a turn. Because with a flirtatious smile, the woman trailed a finger up her companion’s sleeve, murmuring something, and the look in the man’s eyes changed. Instead of enjoying sexy banter with a pretty lady, his eyes grew hard, contemplative, sliding over her body like she was a piece of artwork meat be purchased. In fact, he went even further. The man lifted one of her hands from her side, as if to get a better look at his body before nodding curtly, the excitement gone from his eyes.

“See?” came the low rumble in my ear. “See, she just named her price, and he’s agreed.”

I spun around, brown eyes wide, looking into his.

“So it’s really happening?’ I breathed, catching his blue gaze with mine. “They’re really going to …?” I stuttered, still disbelieving, unable to finish my sentence.

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