Falling for My Boyfriend's Dad(80)

By: Cassandra Dee

“Morgan,” they say. “Come rest. Come relax, and keep us company,” they beckon, patting the space between them.

And that’s how I’ve come to be pregnant again, with number two due in a few months. No one here knows that we’re siblings, and no one has even heard of Gerald Kingsley or Palingsworth. But I still remember … the police leading my brothers away in cuffs, the rape exam, how scary jail was.

Sigh! How much has changed. It’s not that I never think of the past anymore, but each day memories soften and fade. After all, I never thought I’d end up marrying my twin stepbrothers, enjoying their minds and bodies in an African paradise. There are problems sometimes, such as the crazy large mosquitoes, and I’m worried about getting Isaiah into the right schools when he’s older. But for the next few years, everything’s set, and what more could a girl ask for? I adore my twin steps, and our secrets are mine to keep.


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