Daughter Of The Dragon Princess(72)

By: Nina Croft

Killian vanished and she released her breath.

“Did I mention I missed you?” Mal said.

“It’s only been two hours.”

“An age.”

She took his hand and heat shot through her skin. She kissed his fingers, then rested his palm on the swell of her belly beneath the table. “How did the meeting go?”

“It was a start.” Mal was reaching out to the sorcerers, seeing if there was any way to halt the long conflict and finally bring peace between them.

She pressed her palm over his. Would her baby bear the mark? It didn’t matter. He or she would be loved no matter what. But Lily had a feeling she carried a dragon and she knew their people were hoping for a girl.

It was strange, she’d always wanted to be normal. Now she was one of a kind. Hopefully the first of a new breed of Dragon Princesses, and she had the chance to define just what she wanted “normal” to be.

She hoped the dragons were ready.

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