Bossy Daddy(2)

By: Mia Madison

“Ohmigod your step dad is so freaking sexy,” my friend, Bree, said when she picked me up in her new car.

Christ, I'd asked her to go to the mall with me so I could share before I exploded. Not to hear her forbidden fantasies.

“I'd do him in a second,” she added.

“Eww,” I said, pretending to be grossed out.

While at the same time hoping to cover up my little flare of annoyance. Hello, jealousy, where did you spring from without my permission?

“Yeah, you can't think that, of course. He's your step-dad, but me, hell yeah, I want some Sugar Daddy.”

“He's not at all sweet,” I informed her. Because I knew better than her. “He's actually really controlling. Didn't you hear him tell me to put on a scarf. And be back by ten?”

“Yeah, so bossy. So hot and sexy. That husky voice. Imagine him telling you to take off your panties in that commanding tone, all rasping and needy.”

“Jeezus, Bree,” I snapped.

Except that was exactly what I was doing- and more.

After that first time, I couldn't fight it any more. I watched Smith take out his tension on the heavy load on the weight machine, his muscular frame flexing and ripping. One time he raised his gorgeous dark eyes and looked straight at me. I was sure he saw me, but his face didn't betray a sign and then he looked back down to move the pin to increase the weight load.

I rushed back up to my room before he emerged from the gym and discovered me. I had no excuse to be down there late at night. If he caught me I'd have had to admit to him how much I wanted him. I'd have had to beg him to pull my sleep tee up until my newly filled out breasts popped free. I'd have had to plead with him to squeeze each swollen globe in his huge hands and command me to do what ever he wanted with my body.

Up in my room, my hands flew down between my thighs and parted my soaking lips. My clit was bulging out, hungry for Smith's touch and eager to explode in gushes of pleasurable relief. I had to let Smith know how I felt. There was no other way. I had to know whether he felt anything too. Because surely I couldn't be having these sensations in a vacuum.

But my father arrived to take me home the next day and when I came back to stay with Mom, Smith was gone.

Chapter TWO


I recognize her the instant my eyes land on her perfect soft curves. I haven't seen Carly in at least five years. And there hasn't been a single day that her delicious little body hasn't filled my thoughts. Wondering what's happening in her life. Whether she grew up and turned out like that B of a mother of hers. What a nightmare on legs – a real shrew.

“I need more money to run this house as you expect,” was a phrase I heard more than any terms of endearment.

More than 'let me get on my knees and take that beautiful cock in my mouth'. The kind of talk a man expects to hear from his new wife when he comes home at the end of a hard day managing millions.

“All I expect is a woman that's glad to see me when I arrive,” I told her and received a nose shrivel in response.

It was clear before we even got done with the ceremony that Diana had married me for my money. She fended me off before the wedding, saying she was saving herself. Like she was some born again virgin princess. After, she showed herself to be frigid and uninterested in my offers to help her overcome that.

I could have insisted. I could have ordered her to strip for me. But I was already battling the urgent need to swivel my eyes and stare at the beautiful girl standing at her side.

“This is my daughter, Carly,” Diana said. “Don't worry she won't be around much. She lives with her father three weeks in four.”

“Now you can finally offer a proper family environment again, Carly is welcome to come live with us,” I told her, not liking the vibe one bit.

That a mother would take that tone to her teenage daughter. I saw the wince of pain that Carly couldn't hide, when her mother said she wouldn't be around. Like it was me that didn't want her there.

I came to exist solely for the arrival of that week in the month.

I came to spend the other three weeks increasingly on edge for the smell of her sweet aroma and sound of her gentle voice asking me if this or that was okay. I even hungered for the challenge in her eyes when she wanted her way.

When she wasn't looking, I drank her all in, every part of her. Such a beautiful young girl. So demure and willing to please. Such a naughty rebellious side as well. Such a hot little body just waiting to be plucked apart by some lucky bastard. If only it could have been me.

But of course it couldn't. I'm a bastard but I'm not a douchebag. She was my wife's daughter. Even if that marriage was a sham from the first moment, I'd never be a dog.

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