Billionaire Unloved(77)

By: J.S. Scott

Jett had brought more joy to my life than I could have ever imagined when I’d been homeless.

We entered the penthouse and Jett took my coat as he said, “I can’t wait to give you something.”

“No more vehicles,” I cautioned.

He shook his head. “It’s not another car. But it comes with a catch.”

I followed as he wandered toward the kitchen. He stopped in the living room.

“What’s the catch?” I asked eagerly. “Does it involve anything kinky?”

“Unfortunately not, but I could make it that way,” he answered as he reached into his pocket. “Right now, it pretty much involves taking me if you accept it.”

I had to catch my breath as he opened the red velvet box in his hand and the light caught the beautiful diamond inside. “I’m hoping this time you’ll say yes. I love you, Ruby Kent. Marry. Me.”

I had a brief flashback of the one other time he’d asked the same question. It was so familiar, but so different.

When he’d asked me the same question when we’d first met, he hadn’t done it with the same adoration and fire in his gaze. But I did see a little bit of the same apprehension I’d seen back then.

“Yes!” I said immediately, my heart galloping inside my chest as I threw myself at him.

He caught me with a laugh. “If you would have given me that answer when I asked the first time, we’d be married by now.”

“It wasn’t right,” I shared.

He moved back to put the gorgeous ring on my finger. “Maybe it wasn’t, but I was willing.”

I gaped at the enormous diamond for a moment before I said, “It’s right because I love you.”

Jett kissed the ring on my finger and then dipped down and gave me a kiss that tasted like forever.

“I was going to take you out to dinner tomorrow,” he said after he lifted his head. “But when I picked up the ring this morning, all I wanted was to see it on your finger.”

“I can live without dinner,” I said as I stroked his cheek. “Take me to bed.”

“Demanding woman,” he grumbled, but I could see the desire written all over his face.

“Are you complaining again?” I teased.

“Never,” he said hoarsely as he took my hand. “Just the fact that you want me as much as I want you is a fucking miracle.”

I followed him as he tugged on my hand. I knew he wasn’t putting himself down because I felt the same way, too.

Sometimes, love really was a surprising phenomenon that could make a person think about how lucky they were to have somebody who felt the same way.

As I followed Jett into the elevator, I realized that my Cinderella story had ended. But I was more than ready to start a new sequel.

I was going to be laughing, loving, and spending the rest of my life with my soul mate.

I already had a real life fairy tale, and it didn’t get any better than that.

~The End~

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