Billionaire Unloved(5)

By: J.S. Scott

That’s when I noticed that my latest captor had a weakness, a slight limp to his step that I could probably use to my advantage. It wasn’t much, but considering his massive size and strength, I’d take whatever help I could get.

My heart nearly exploded with relief as I realized that I could probably outrun him if I could just get outside.

He pushed through the heavy wooden doors with a powerful arm, and I welcomed the humid air that suddenly enfolded me.

I took a deep breath, and ended up gasping, trying to suck up the outside air after being in a putrid environment for so long.

My escort released my arm as he motioned toward the parking lot to indicate that he was parked beside the building.

I was scared, but another quote floated into my mind:

Freedom lies in being bold!

I was pretty sure the great poet Robert Frost was responsible for writing that phrase, but I was too terrified to be certain. All I knew was that those words were completely true in my situation.

I had to have courage if I was going to live.

My buyer stepped forward to make his way to the parking lot.

And I took off like a shot in the opposite direction.

“Ruby!” I heard the irritated male bellow, but I didn’t stop.

I was pretty much determined to escape…or die trying.


It didn’t take me long to realize that I was in one of the roughest parts of Miami, but I didn’t care. My bare feet kept hitting the pavement, and I told myself I’d rather face the seedy area than to give in to a man who had paid a fortune to own me.

Once I was outside the lights of the club, I was met by darkness. Most of the businesses were closed, and the light was so dim that I couldn’t see where I was going.

But I kept running until I could hear my own ragged breath as I kept pushing forward, getting so close to freedom that I could almost taste it.

Certainly, my nemesis would have to stop because of his bum leg, and if I could just keep going, I knew I could outlast his endurance.

I had far more at stake than he did.

I was out of breath, and in bad shape from the weeks I’d been held captive and inactive, but my drive and energy was strong from being well-fed and terrified.

Please, just let me escape.

My fear kept my legs moving, but the lack of light caused my leg to come down on something that sent excruciating pain shooting through my foot.

“Ouch!” I cried out, trying not to let my injury stop me.

My steps faltered as the agony gave way to hopelessness. I knew the slowdown was going to put me at risk.

I tried to keep moving, but I would have fallen if a powerful body hadn’t slammed into my back, and supporting arms hadn’t wrapped around me.

“Noooo!” I howled, knowing my escape had been brief and the price would probably be pretty damn high.

I couldn’t see him since he was behind me, but I knew that my buyer had successfully hunted down his expensive purchase.

Whatever advantages I’d had were lost.

As I struggled to get out of his strong hold, I could hear his harsh breath on the side of my neck. His grip wasn’t cruel, but he made it clear that he was hanging onto what was now his property.


“Just let me go,” I cried out desperately.

I gave in to the despair that had been hanging over me for weeks like a dark cloud, the pain of the injury to my foot exacerbating the feeling of helplessness that I’d come to hate.

His voice was harsh as he rasped, “I’m not here to hurt you, woman. I’m here to help. Dani sent me.”

My panicked brain took a moment to acknowledge what he said. My new friend had sent me help? She’d really come through?

“Who are you?” I asked, my throat balking at the usage of my voice after my marathon sprint.

His hold on me relaxed as he answered gruffly, “My name is Jett. I’m Dani’s brother. She sent me here to rescue you. I’m sorry you had to be afraid during the auction. It seemed easier to buy your freedom than to take on people who might hurt you, and I’m solo on this gig.”

Freedom? I hardly knew what that meant anymore, but I wanted it more than I’d ever wanted anything. I’d never truly been free.

I opened my mouth, but a sob was ready to escape, so I immediately shut it down.

I’m not going to cry. I refuse to cry.

Maybe Jett was the good guy, but I was horribly afraid that if I started to cry, I’d never stop.

Relief flowed over me, and the only thing that kept me standing was Jett’s hold on me as he turned me around and surprisingly wrapped his arms around me.

I felt more secure than I ever had in my twenty-two years of existence on Earth.

I wasn’t sure exactly why, but I was pretty certain it had something to do with the strength and power that he seemed to exude from every pore in his body.

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