Be Bad For Me

By: Princess Black
Twenty-two year old Annette is a good girl who loves being bad. She’s well-educated and has her own everything. What she doesn’t have, but wants…she gets. But she doesn’t rely on any man to provide for her. When Annette’s long term rap artist boyfriend commits the ultimate betrayal, she must decide if she’ll stay true to her first love or walk away.

Jordan, aka. Jaguar, isn’t an average bachelor. He’s bold, sexy, and everything about him screams ruthless swagger. He rides women the same way he rides his motorcycle—rough and thorough. He grew up in the projects, but his circumstances hasn’t stopped him from becoming a self-made millionaire. When he runs into Annette after she separates from her boyfriend, he falls hard for her, but he’ll have to work hard to keep her. She’s a woman who has everything going for herself.

Both Annette and Jordan bring past baggage to the table that could hinder any chance of a meaningful relationship. Annette is sick and tired of getting burned. After all the pain and betrayal, will an innocent good girl turn into a bad bitch? And will the power of love be able to convince a street player to settle down?

* * *

Chapter 1

Annette’s friend, Bianca, was being way too loud for speakerphone. Annette connected the Bluetooth headset for more privacy. Anthony could walk in at any moment and Bianca was known for spilling secrets.

“Where is he taking you tonight, girl?” Bianca asked her, excitedly.

“I don’t know,” Annette said. “He said something about the mall and then maybe somewhere to eat afterwards. He said he had a surprise for me too.”

Anthony, Annette’s long time boyfriend, was taking her out tonight. They didn’t get to go out as often anymore over the past year because he was always in the studio or out promoting his demo albums. When he wasn’t promoting his music, he was forced between choosing to hang out with his boys or taking her out. Sometimes, she felt that she could never win over his boys, so she stopped whining a long time ago and accepted time with him whenever she could get it.

“A surprise?” Bianca blasted out, sucking her teeth. “That boy knows he needs to quit. The last time he said something about a surprise, y’all ended up at the movies.”

Leave it to Bianca to bad mouth Anthony. Ever since Anthony put Bianca in her place a year ago for calling him out in front of a bunch of people, Bianca had taken every opportunity since then to bash him. Bianca was always trying to cause conflict between them. When Bianca called Anthony out for lying to Annette about where he had been and who he was with, that was the last stray for Anthony. At the time, Annette was so embarrassed that her best friend of just three years could check her boyfriend better than she could. Not so much know. She knew Bianca and her take-absolutely-no-shit personality a little better. Anthony had asked her not to hang with Bianca anymore, but she refused to let a man come between a good friendship. Besides, Bianca had been her best friend before she met Anthony. As time went by, Bianca and Anthony learned to live with each other, or so it appeared.

“Well, he does try.”

She pouted my lips and outlined them with MAC lipliner.


Bianca had been trying to warn Annette that Anthony was wasting her time. Annette had to admit that after two years of a relationship with Anthony that they still had not moved to the next level. Anthony always introduced her to everyone as his “homegirl”. Never his girl, or his woman, or his girlfriend, just homegirl. Annette was tired of being Anthony’s homegirl. She had all her heart into this relationship and she was getting tired of playing wifey only when it was convenient for him. She loved Anthony and Anthony knew that, but he never reciprocated his feelings. Anthony’s idea of love was showering her with expensive gifts and money.

“What are you doing tonight?” Annette asked Bianca, as she applied the MAC lipgloss in Ornamental to her lips.

“I met this guy at the club last night named TJ. We supposed to meet up out there again.”

“Good for you. It’s time you got a man so you can see what I’m going through, and then maybe you’d understand.”

“Girl, I’m not looking for no man to tie me down. I just get my time in when I can, reap whatever they workin’ with and exit stage left. Besides, it’s too many trifling ass fools out there.”

Annette and Bianca were recent college graduates. They met in college when they were both in the same Business Economics class their last year of school. They shared many of the same hobbies, habits, and the same attraction to certain type of men. Or, maybe certain types of men were attracted to them.

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