Anonymous Encounters(9)

By: Cassandra Dee

“Oh!” I cried out, half-twisting with humiliation. “Oh!”

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, pull away and show everyone my naked pussy, flashing female assets at the crowd? It was so embarrassing to be this wet, like I was some kind of oozing lagoon.

But the big man pinned me in place with an arm across my lower back effortlessly, making it impossible to move.

“Naw baby girl,” he rumbled. “This is what I live for, I love female honey. Do it again,” he commanded.

And to my embarrassment, I did. The ambrosia was running like a waterfall between my legs now and at his words, another giant gush came rolling out, over-filling his palm. My ears flamed, face so hot. Oh god, oh god, I was such a slut, such a whore creaming like this for a man I didn’t even know. I stood stock still, trembling with combined lust and embarrassment, mind pinging in a dozen different directions. Was this really me? Was this really happening? Who was this man again? What was I doing here?

But Donny didn’t give me time to snap back to reality. Instead those magic fingers kept going, taking me for a ride. Chuckling darkly, he started caressing me for real. Up and down, up and down, his fingers stroked my swollen labia in a rhythmic fashion, making me squirm, each brush against my clit so tantalizing, shivers running through my cunt. And oh fuck, but my clit grew like a monster. I have a huge one when aroused, it’s two inches long, sticking out from my labia and I squealed as he brushed it.

Because oh yeah, the strange man behind me pinched it once, making me shriek, before settling into a deep pussy rub, currents of electricity running through my frame, cunt weak with need.

“Ah!” I cried out involuntarily, knees buckling. “Ah!”

The arm around my waist tightened, supporting me. But Donny wanted more.

“Hold onto the bannister,” he ground harshly into my ear. “Hold onto the bannister and spread ‘em.”

Like a woman in a trance, I did as commanded. Wobbly and breathing fast, I gripped the railing, leaning my shoulders forwards like I was trying to get closer to the music and subtly spread my legs. Was it good? Was it what he wanted? A dose of reality hit me for a sec and I came to, startled. Oh my god, I’m a curvy girl and he could feel exactly how big I was down there. No thin, skinny thighs, no flat pancake butt. I’m all about huge ham hocks for legs, dimpled and sweet and a giant butt, the better to shake. In fact, I’d already shaken it and bumped into his dick by accident, my real estate was so significant.

But evidently Donny liked what he saw because as I spread, he rumbled deep in his throat.

“Yeah, just like that,” the masculine rasp came. “Fuck yeah.”

I melted. Okay, so the man wasn’t exactly poetic but I didn’t care. He liked what he saw judging from the way his hand was touching me again, and I swallowed a choked gasp, body rippling with shudders. Because oh god, oh god, it felt so right to have his fingers on my twat, massaging my hole, slipping all over my secret space before niggling my clit again, making my whole body thrum.

But I didn’t come here just for an external massage. I wanted a deep fingering, I wanted a man in me, even if it was his hand and not his dick. So swallowing thickly, I bumped my butt suggestively against his cock again, making the big man shudder.

“Inside big boy?” I murmured throatily, spreading my thighs a little more. “Put it inside?”

A low chuckle rang in my ear.

“Fuck, you’re nasty aren’t you?” he ground out in a whisper. “But of course, happy to deliver sweet thang.”

And with that, his finger made its first entrance into my secret space. I threw my head back and moaned, unable to keep it in. Oh god, it felt so good, pussy spreading slightly, opening a bit to its first taste of man. Oh god, wet juices leaked from my hole, lubing the way, making the alpha chuckle harshly again.

“What a slut,” he rasped. “What a slutty slut.”

But I wanted it. I wanted to be that slut, for his eyes only. So widening my stance, I did something that I’ve only seen in porn before. Reaching back with both hands, I grabbed fistfuls of ass cheek and pulled my butt apart, bending over more to give him better access.

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