Anonymous Encounters(8)

By: Cassandra Dee

“Please Daddy,” I cried out throatily, low so that no one could hear but us. “Please,” I begged.

The big man chuckled behind me, moving even closer, the rustle of his jacket evident. He pulled it forwards so that it shielded us, or at least shielded my ass, and then whispered in my ear.

“It’s coming little one, don’t worry, it’s coming.”

And just like that, the play started again. His fingers ran up the backs of my thighs, trailing lightly, teasing my flesh, making me shiver uncontrollably. But then they stopped, and I moaned, the anticipation almost painful, gyrating my hips desperately. But I knew why he’d stopped. Because I hadn’t worn panties and my partner had just discovered that fact, lightly sampling my bare, wet flesh.

“Little slut, aren’t you?” he rasped directly into my ear. “What little whore doesn’t wear panties? Nasty little cumbuckets, that’s who.”

The words should have made me so angry, should have turned me off, they were so demeaning. But instead, I only wanted it more, the heat inside ramping up a million degrees because yeah, tonight I wanted to be a man’s cumbucket. I wanted to throw my inhibitions to the wind and become a receptacle for a strange male, to let him finger me everywhere, touch where he wanted, using my body until I collapsed.

“Oh yeah Daddy,” I breathed, cunt dripping wildly. “I’m your cumbucket, only yours.”

He grunted in back of me, that thick, hot dick brushing my ass again.

“Not tonight, you’re not, you’re just a fingerholster tonight. But later, I promise,” he whispered into my ear again. “Later baby girl.”

And with that the big man began his exploration once more.

“Mmm, I like,” he ground out, low for my ears only. “I like a lot.”

I whined slightly, wiggling my butt. Because the man was stroking my curvy rump, running his fingers over that ass before gripping the flesh and squeezing hard, making me jump. Oh god, it felt so good as he kneaded and massaged, and I held perfectly still, letting him touch wherever he wanted, wild and wanton.

“I’m not even there yet,” he rumbled, deep voice amused and smooth. “I haven’t even touched Wonderland yet. But we’re getting there.”

Because slowly, oh so slowly, his fingers began to worm their way in. No, not into my vaginal channel, not yet. Instead, he put two fingers against the small of my back, pointing downwards, and began a slow slide vertically. That’s right, he pushed two digits down my back and slid right into my butt crack making my eyes fly open. Was this really happening? Was this man really reaching down deep between my ass cheeks, slightly sweaty and plump? Was he really gonna to touch my anus, that nasty, private hole?

And oh yeah, but Donny’s not a man to hesitate. Because in one fell swoop, that huge hand was buried between my butt cheeks, the mounds of flesh squeezing him tight. And pausing for a moment, the big man enjoyed it, wiggling his fingers as heavy buttocks clamped around him.

“I love a woman with extra curves,” he rasped into my ear. “And fuck baby, but you’ve got ‘em.”

My entire body went hot then, pussy streaming wetly. Because oh yeah, I’m a big girl and sometimes it’s not easy. Sometimes it’s embarrassing if the space between restaurant tables is a little small, or if you have to ask for the seatbelt extender on the plane. But now, his words made me feel so wanted, so desirable and utterly female. Because I was doing something a skinny chick couldn’t. My ass is so generous, my rump so big that he could bury two fingers inside and get lost in the clamminess, the ginormous mounds eating him up.

But Donny didn’t stop there.

“Sorry baby girl,” he panted into my ear. “But Daddy doesn’t have time for playing with your back hole now, I gotta fuck the good stuff.”

Because his fingers slid lower, lower, all the way through my butt cheeks until they stroked my pussy. And once there, I sighed gustily, eyes drifting shut, whole body going weak. Because those digits caressed my lips, touching the soft swollen folds, sampling the slickness that oozed from my honey hole just for him. Oh god, it felt so good, but to my utter dismay, a hot rush of goo gushed out just then, filling his palm with desire.

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