Anonymous Encounters(7)

By: Cassandra Dee

Besides, it was too late now. The lights were dimming and I took my place at the edge of the railing, looking out over the sea of people beneath. Tier Two wasn’t too packed, there were other folks, sure, but it’s not like we were jammed in like sardines. I shot a nervous look over my shoulder, automatically scanning the crowd for anyone who could be my mystery man.

But there was no one. No one was even looking at me, every single person seemed to be with a date, or chatting with friends, or guzzling beer from red Solo cups.

Stop it, the voice in my head went. He told you not to look for him. You’ll never see his face, the only thing you’ll be experiencing is touch. So don’t even look, that’s part of the deal, remember?

Besides, it was probably better not to look because best case scenario, my Lothario was a normal, middle-aged dude, probably married, who wanted to get his rocks off while the missus was out of town. He’d put an ad up and I’d responded, and since wifey was scheduled to return to the next day, and tonight was the night. A married man? I didn’t want a part of that, so it was better not to see his face.

Besides, the worst case scenario was so much worse. In this case, my partner was some disgusting geezer who wanted to touch pussy for fun, who liked sweet, creamy teens and wasn’t shy about putting up ads to meet one. He couldn’t get it in real life because of his zillion warts and hairs sprouting out of his chin, bent over like a gnome. Shit, if that was the case, then yeah, I was better off not looking into his eyes. That way I could at least pretend a hot alpha had come to feel my pussy, to take me to Neverland.

Facing forwards, I fixed my eyes on the stage as the band strode out, jaw set, nerves on edge. Oh god, oh god, things were starting now and it was too late to back out. Every muscle in my body tensed, every sense on alert even as I strove to look normal, like I was another concertgoer enjoying the music.

And just as the strains began, a deep voice sounded in my ear.

“Relax baby girl,” it commanded. “Relax.”

I started involuntarily, helpless already. Because this definitely wasn’t the voice of a gnome. It was dark and sexy, making me twinge unexpectedly inside, inner channel running wetly. Warm breath skated across my neck and I realized the man behind me had to be tall, over six feet at least.

“Hi,” I said breathily. “I wasn’t sure you’d come.”

But any small talk was cut off immediately. As the band launched into its first riff, the man behind me merely nipped my neck once lightly with his teeth, making me squeal out loud.

“No talking,” was all he ground out in reply. “No talking.”

And breathing hard, I nodded, sensations already on high. Of course no talking, right. We weren’t going to exchange any words, this was a completely anonymous encounter, a random stranger fingering my pussy until I came, and then dissolving into the woodwork like it’d never happened. There were no words, no faces, no names, no nothing, we were two strangers meeting in the night. So nodding my head slightly again, I forced myself to look forwards, eyes blind. Every muscle in my body was slightly tense, every nerve on edge as the big stranger moved in back of me.

And then I felt it. His hand on the outside of my thigh, caressing, warm, hot even, the palm curiously gentle for someone so big.

“Shit,” was all the voice said behind me. “Shit.”

I whined slightly despite his warning that I wasn’t supposed to talk. But this wasn’t talking, this was the animal sound of a woman in heat, a female ready to be touched and fucked. Because suddenly I didn’t care. I needed this to happen, desperately wanted it, and my ass bumped against him, begging for more.

“Horny little slut, aren’t you?” came a dark chuckle in back of me. “Horny, huh?”

But I was still now, unable to move, because on that one bump I’d felt something hard press against my flesh and it wasn’t his belt buckle. I’d instinctively raised my butt, seeking his touch, and my ass had brushed against a fucking hard snake. I’m a virgin, but I know aroused cock when it touches me, and oh god, but that massive staff wasn’t just hard. It was pure steel, stiff enough to punch through metal, and the realization made me even hornier.

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