Anonymous Encounters(4)

By: Cassandra Dee

How to answer? Jared was right. The Club brings everything to us, from the finest food to the best entertainment. And most members make it an extended stay, barely leaving their suites sometimes, everything and anything being delivered straight to their door for their personal enjoyment. So yeah, my behavior wasn’t exactly normal, but then again, why is stepping out to see the real world so bizarre?

“I got some business,” I said blandly. “Stuff that needs to be taken care of.”

Jared shot me a skeptical look.

“Oh really?” he asked. “Club business?”

I sighed. This asshole was so into the Club and its operations. What the hell was wrong with the billionaire? But I could sense a rabbit hole in front of me and side-stepped it deftly.

“Naw, nothing to do with the Club,” I rumbled blandly. “Just some personal business.”

That was a hint if there ever was one to stop asking questions. Stop with the fucking questions and mind your own business. But Jared White can be one pushy mofo and shot me another curious glance.

“Well if you see any good ones, just tell the Club,” he said, throwing a card down on the table before getting up. “You know we’re always looking for fresh twat.”

I stared at the white square before picking it up. Shit, this guy was so annoying, why the hell was he recruiting chicks still? It wasn’t his job anymore, and now he wanted me to do the same? I’d never want to work Procurement, it’s not my thing, there could be nothing worse. I’m all about anonymous, faceless encounters. I don’t want to talk with girls, putting a female at ease to get her to loosen up, sharing details about her life and pretending to care. No fucking way. Hell no.

But I kept my expression bland.

“Sure, will do. Absolutely,” I nodded. Shit no, hell no, never.

Jared merely looked me over again speculatively before striding off.

“Alright,” he grunted. “Good to hear.”

And finally, I was alone again. Fuck my life, that entire encounter weird as shit. Why the hell was Jared White asking me to source women? What a fucked-up mofo. But boytoy was probably whipped by his new wife, doing whatever hot pussy asks.

I grunted, flipping my laptop open again, shaking the incident from my mind. What the hell, might as well forget the whole thing sooner rather than later, it was taking up unnecessary memory. And watching the screen avidly, I willed my newest victim to type. Sure enough, ellipses appeared indicating she was typing, and a text popped up in a few secs.

LIPSTICK4EVAH: Hi, got your message.

I grunted soundlessly. I’d picked the brunette’s profile from a site I sometimes surf, Discreet Encounters. Her pic had been blurry but overall pretty cute. Big brown eyes and curly brown hair, with a ripe, curvaceous body. Just my kind, the type that I love juicing best. My fingers had trembled when I emailed her, introducing myself as Donny.

DONNY: Great, you up to meet tonight?

A pause.

LIPSTICK4EVAH: Well, I’m not sure. Do you want to chat more?

DONNY: Bout what?

Another pause.

LIPSTICK4EVAH: Well, this just seems so fast. I mean, you only emailed me this morning.

DONNY: That’s what it’s like here. It’s discreet encounters baby, we’re not going to get to know each other or anything.

LIPSTICK4EVAH: Oh I get it, totally get it. I was just wondering more about you.

DONNY: ???

LIPSTICK4EVAH: You know, like what you like to do for fun? Where you live?

I sat back, grunting. This girl clearly had no idea what she was doing on-line, much less on a site like Discreet Encounters. I needed to set her straight.

DONNY: Where I live? Shit honey, that can get you shot and killed on this site. We’re all about anonymity, baby, where I live is the last question you should be asking a dude. You do that often? The moderators haven’t warned you? Did you read the Terms of Agreement when you joined?

A pause. Was she flustered? Embarrassed? Had I gone too far? But then the ellipses appeared again.

LIPSTICK4EVAH: Oh I’m sorry! I just joined yesterday and yours is the only message I’ve gotten so far. I mean, I’ve gotten other messages but they were from people whose names were … well, I can’t repeat them here.

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