Anonymous Encounters(161)

By: Cassandra Dee

“And Danny is nothing to me, just a way to break the monotony sometimes,” I added. “But your son is popular here,” I said mischievously. “He’s the new mascot for the Kilukut Boarding House, and the oilmen love him.”

Luke frowned. “I’m taking you away, you know. You and Georgie both. No child of mine is growing up in a boarding house with a bunch of journeymen hustlers.” But he softened when he saw my silent plea. “But these people have been good to you, and I appreciate that. That’s the thing Wildflower. I’ve realized that I can’t just steamroll you into whatever I want … moving in, having a baby, getting married. I want … no, I need to make sure that that’s what you want too.”

“I know, Luke,” I said, throwing my arms around him. “I know.”

“So Alana Johnson …” he said tentatively, taking my hand in his. “Will you marry me? Will you marry me in this little paradise of a town called Kilukut?”

My heart overflowed with happiness. With a smile meant only for my man, I nodded and kissed him deeply, letting him feel my overwhelming joy.

“Yes, Luke. I will marry you,” I murmured, and kissed him again, belonging to him always, now and forever.


Six months later …

I looked at Luke playing with our daughter Madeline. She was the spitting image of her father, the same dark hair and blue eyes, but with my dimples and sweet smile. She gurgled happily at him, and I could tell our little girl already had her father wrapped around her finger.

Luke looked up and caught my eye, smiling with a hint of devilishness. My husband was a handsome specimen of a man, and I felt a lash of heat run through my body, pooling in that secret space between my legs. I shifted Georgie in my arms and leaned forward for a kiss, his tongue immediately snaking between my lips and a telltale bulge forming at his crotch.

“Now Luke …” I said playfully.

Our wedding had been nothing but happiness and light. We’d had a small ceremony, inviting only a few friends from Kilukut, and settled into a cottage by the river. Luke managed his business remotely from Alaska, and flew to New York whenever there were pressing issues. But for the most part, he was here with us, starting a new life away from the pains and complications of the old.

Because you see, Luke is my stepbrother. That fact can’t be controverted. But our love is borne of something more than just step relations. It’s the true feeling of destiny between a man and woman, and no one, and nothing, can deny that.

I hope my story inspires you not to judge because human beings and human relations will always be complicated … but I’ve been so lucky and happy in my life, and I only wish the same good fortune for everyone around me. The best of luck to you and your family.

Take care,

Alana Johnson Miller


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