Anonymous Encounters(10)

By: Cassandra Dee

“Further,” I whimpered, eyes shut as I breathed. “Put it in more.”

And with that, the finger began the push again, wedging itself into my secret space, stroking the walls of my vaginal chamber. Oh god, it felt so good, legs spread so wide now, holding myself open as a strange man delved into my twat. Oh god, this was so wrong and yet I absolutely loved it, acting the nasty whore. And holding nothing back, I did something that even surprised me, throwing me for a loop. Because letting go of one ass cheek, I reached behind myself and seized his wrist.

“More,” I panted, taking him by surprise. “More, more.”

And with that, I literally shoved his hand up into my pussy further, like I was some dirty whore, desperate to have a man as deep into me as possible. Holy shit, why was I acting like some kind of deranged nympho? Was I really that sex-crazed slut who grabbed strange men’s hands and literally pushed them into their vaginas, forcing male appendages into cunt? It was so crazy but even as I did it, my pussy juiced more, welcoming the finger as it made its way inside. I was so full, so stretched and so fucked, bent over, pushing a strange man’s hand up my streaming twat.

The big man chuckled behind me, that deep voice amused. But then Donny stopped. He halted entirely, hand still buried in my secret space.

“What is it?” I panted, practically falling over the railing now. “What is it?”

I was so desperate that I wiggled my hips again, trying to get him inside further. I would have turned to look at his face, but that was against the rules.

And there was no sound except the harsh rasps of his breath. But Donny’s next words made my blood turn into ice.

“You’re a virgin,” he ground out. “You’re a fucking virgin.”

I paused. Of course, the alpha was absolutely right, but was that bad? What should I do? I decided to try and play it off, act like it was nothing.

“What do you mean?” I panted. “How do you know?”

And suddenly it became clear. Because Donny wiggled his finger inside and it stroked against something that I’d kind of known was there. I’ve tried using tampons in the past but always gave up because it hurt. I could only get those things about halfway inside before the penetration became excruciating, and the reason reared its ugly head now.

Because my hymen was intact, deep in my vagina canal. Donnie stroked it even as he spoke, even as he said the words.

“A virgin,” he breathed again, a prayer on his lips. “A real-life virgin.”

I couldn’t help it, my thighs snapped shut to prevent him from going away.

“Please don’t stop,” I begged, body so desperate for a man. “Please don’t go, I should have told you but …”

Donny interrupted.

“You should have told me, that’s right,” he ground out. “But it’s too late now, and I’m not going anywhere, baby girl, until this twat is good and fucked.”

And with that, the stroking began again. Oh yeah, he fingered my hymen, strumming against the soft barrier, playing it like a fine instrument. But that was only the beginning. Slowly, he began pushing another digit into my snatch, spreading my pussy, massaging my internal channel. I threw my head back with delight, cunt creaming heavily, riding his hand.

“Oh god!” I moaned just as the music crescendoed. “Oh god!”

And Donny began the finger fucking in earnest then. With one hand niggling my clit, the other began pummeling my vaginal canal, going in and out, in and out, making me feel so good, so deliciously taken. My pussy was on fire, electrical jolts running through my cunt, making even my fingers and toes curl. Every nerve was alive, and the most disgusting squelching noises sounded out as he fucked me, slit leaking like a faucet.

“Oh yeah baby girl,” he growled. “Fuck, this pussy was made to be fucked.”

I squealed again, lost to the heavens. Because the combination of clit work and heavy vaginal drill did it, and I soared off a cliff, plummeting into ecstasy. My pussy clenched and spasmed, almost breaking off the fingers inside before dissolving into a series of tremors, each more violent than the last.

“Unnh!” I cried out. “Unnh, unnh!”

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