A Moment in Time(7)

By: Stormy Glenn

Grayson fought for control as the slick friction of joined bodies writhing together damn near sent him over the edge. His hands clamped down on his mate’s hips as Grayson slowed their rhythm.

“I don’t want this to end so soon.” Grayson’s husky voice filled the room, sounding just as desperate as he felt.

Apollo’s legs tightened around Grayson’s waist as his fingers curled around Grayson’s nape, his fingernails digging into his flesh. Grayson could just imagine staying locked like this forever. He knew it was an empty wish, not a practical reality, but that didn’t stop him from enjoying his mate’s tender body.

Grayson was slowly rocking his cock upward, the tortuously unhurried move seeming more intense than when he was thrusting vigorously. Rocking forward, Grayson placed Apollo on his back. Grayson’s hand slid under Apollo’s ass, lifting his mate higher as he thrust his cock deeper.

“Claim me, Apollo.”

Grayson cried out as Apollo struck without hesitation, sinking his canines onto Grayson’s shoulder. At the same time Grayson’s cock thickened, knotting him inside his mate as his body exploded, his seed feeling as if it was being ripped from his balls.

Grayson gave a deep and predatory growl as he clamped his canines onto Apollo’s shoulder, feeling his mate’s ass tighten around his cock, ropes of pearly white cum splashing between them. Grayson grunted as he removed his canines and licked at the wound in his mate’s shoulder.

They stayed in that position for several seconds. As Grayson breathed in their combined scents, he could almost feel their souls binding together.

“We need to talk,” Apollo said, bursting Grayson’s soothing bubble.

“We will.”

Grayson watched in utter fascination as his mate’s eyelids slowly began to slide downward. Apollo had no idea just how sexy he looked lying there well fucked, sleepy. Settling behind the man, Grayson pulled Apollo close, kissing the mark where he had claimed his mate before closing his eyes, feeling extremely content.

Chapter 3

Apollo turned off the shower and reached for the towel he had hung over the shower door. He dried his hair then wiped the towel down his body, wincing when he ran the cotton cloth between his ass cheeks.

Grayson was not a small man.

Apollo was still reeling from the knowledge that he had mated someone. Granted, if he could have listed all the traits he wanted in the mate he chose, he had pretty much hit the jackpot. Grayson was more than simply gorgeous. He was Apollo’s secret dream man.

Life was funny that way.

He opened the shower door and stepped out, looping the towel around his neck as he walked over to the mirror. Apollo stared at himself in the mirror, turning his head one way and then the other. He didn’t look any different. There was no blaring sign on his forehead that said he was taken.

And yet, he knew he was.

There was no denying the bite mark in his shoulder. Or the obsessive need he suddenly felt for a complete stranger. He didn’t even know how old Grayson was or where he came from. He didn’t know what his favorite food was, his favorite color, what beer he liked to drink, or even if he lifted the seat before taking a piss.

He knew nothing.

Apollo pulled his hand down over his face, sighing deeply before reaching for his toothbrush. It took little time to finish his morning routine and clean up the bathroom, even less time to pull on a pair of faded jeans, a short-sleeved cotton shirt, socks, and boots.

He had been grateful that the bedroom was empty when he walked back in, but now he began to wonder where Grayson had wandered off to. Even though he knew it deep down in his soul, he wasn’t quite ready to call the man his mate yet.

Once he was dressed, Apollo changed the sheets on the bed and then made it. He picked up his dirty clothes from the floor and put them in the hamper. He even straightened the top of the nightstands and his dresser.

When he couldn’t figure out anything else to do that would keep him from going downstairs and confronting his mate, Apollo headed downstairs. Except that his mate wasn’t downstairs. After a quick search of the house, it became apparent that Grayson wasn’t anywhere inside the building, or even hanging around outside.

Grayson was missing.

And Apollo was quickly going into panic mode. He lifted his nose into the air, trying to sniff out his mate. The house was thick with a rough masculine scent that could only be Grayson’s. The alluring fragrance was mixed in with sex and lust and…bacon?

It took Apollo a moment to weed out the other scents, separating them from Grayson’s until he had a firm trail to follow. He just hoped it led to Grayson. Scent was very powerful among wolf-shifters. This was one of the reasons why.

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