A Moment in Time(6)

By: Stormy Glenn

Grayson released the moist nipple, using his tongue to trail across his mate’s chest until he could give the neglected nipple some undivided attention. Apollo’s hands remained on the bed, up at his head as he jerked when Grayson’s lips touched him once again.

His body was flooding with a heat that was only getting hotter as Grayson watched his mate struggle to breathe. His lips were parted and his hands were clenching and then unclenching. He felt a strong and overwhelming need to touch and explore.

Grayson wanted to peel away Apollo’s jeans and lick the man from asshole to cock. His breath escaped on a rough growl as he smoothed his hands along the creamy flesh of his mate’s body. Apollo moaned as Grayson caressed and kissed his way down the man’s muscular chest, over his flat abdomen, stopping at his mate’s navel to give the flesh a small nibble.

Apollo’s hips were rocking forward, the man making it quite clear what he wanted and desired. Grayson pulled the flaps of Apollo’s jeans apart and then rid the man of the interfering fabric, tossing them to the floor.

Timidly, Apollo brushed his hand over Grayson’s shoulder length strands of hair. He was already hard as granite, but Apollo’s touch sent his blood surging southward, building toward an impossible ache.

Grayson began to toy with him, lightly stroking his mate’s shaft, teasing his mate’s balls with just the tips of his fingers. Apollo let go of a shuddering sigh as Grayson let his hands roam over the smooth, naked skin.

When he slipped his fingers between the crease of Apollo’s ass, he felt his mate’s moan vibrate deep inside his own body. His arousal throbbed with the need to bury his cock inside his mate. His blood went molten, desire hot and possessive in his veins. He glanced up at his mate to see Apollo’s eyes dark with passion, throwing off an intense heat.

Using his saliva, Grayson inserted his index finger to the first knuckle. Apollo’s body arched into his finger as Grayson moved it slowly in and out of the man’s ass. Apollo moved as if greedy for Grayson’s touch.

Grayson slipped a second finger into his mate’s ass. Apollo cried out, his hips jerking, his thighs trying to tighten around Grayson’s head. He used his shoulders to keep his mate’s thighs spread wide apart.

Apollo’s face was wild with torment, constricted with pleasure as two sharp canines appeared in the man’s mouth. The sight was devastatingly sexy. Grayson’s shoulder began to throb as he thought about Apollo sinking them into his flesh.

He leaned over his mate, his fingers still tucked tightly in Apollo’s ass, as Grayson used his tongue to explore Apollo’s canines. Apollo opened his mouth wide, feeding his tongue to Grayson as he thrashed around.

The man was unraveling Grayson’s senses as he shuddered and shook, his hands clawing at the sheets. The coil of need wound tighter as Grayson thrust a third finger into his mate’s ass. He knew he would need to go for the lube soon. He wasn’t sure how much longer he could hold out. The pressure in his cock was becoming unbearable.

He needed release.

Grayson removed his hand from his mate’s tight, hot ass. He slid it under the pillow and curled his fingers around the well-used bottle he had used the night before. Apollo’s breathing was coming out in small, short bursts as Grayson used the lube to make his cock slick. Tossing the bottle aside, Grayson wiped his hand on the sheet.

Apollo’s hands slid up above his head as his fingers curled around the headboard. He opened his legs wide, a blatant invitation. Locking his eyes onto his mate’s smoldering eyes, Grayson entered Apollo, thrusting slowly, filling his mate with deliberate care even though his hips bucked and the tendons in his neck popped tight under his skin.

He rocked gently inside of his mate, stroking Apollo’s body with maddening restraint. Grayson could feel the fire crackle on the surface of his skin. His body was urging him to move faster. The fire seemed to own him as Grayson gave in, grunting as he thrust harder.

Scooping Apollo up into his arms, Grayson moaned as his mate sank deeper onto his cock. His legs trembled and grew tight as he held on to Apollo. His mate wrapped his legs around Grayson’s waist, his arms locking around Grayson’s neck as his mate held on.

His hands slid behind his mate tenderly, his fingers curving around the small globes of Apollo’s ass. Grayson didn’t know what packed the stronger punch—the tight heat of Apollo’s ass gripping his cock as he thrust his hips upward, or his mate’s sudden, wholly unexpected nip at Grayson’s neck.

Together, the two sensations proved almost cataclysmic. Grayson hungered for Apollo, so deeply that it seemed to wring him out from the inside. He let his head fall to the side as Apollo’s lips explored him. His body began to move at a fierce, demanding tempo. The scent of sex and sweat on hot skin intoxicated him.

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