A Moment in Time(5)

By: Stormy Glenn

Grayson tried not to laugh as Apollo’s jaw dropped. He placed another bite of food in his mouth and chewed as if nothing interesting had just been said. Well, he found it interesting at least. He hoped Apollo did as well.

Grayson’s delight grew when Apollo reached under the table. He knew the man was adjusting himself because he needed to do the very same thing. He was just having too much fun enjoying the sweet ache caused by his hard cock being trapped behind the tight fabric of his shorts.

A tense silence hung in the air as they finished eating. Grayson couldn’t take his eye off of Apollo, so he knew every time the man’s eyes darted up to look at him. He also knew every time Apollo’s face flushed when the man got caught.

It was adorable.

“How long have you been with the Aberdeen Pack?” Grayson finally asked just to make conversation. Granted, he wanted to know everything about his mate, but he also wanted to make him more comfortable.

“Several months actually. Alpha Iben brought my brothers and I in when there was our beta’s mate was kidnapped. We were asked to stay on for a while and provide extra security, but then both of my brothers found their mates so we decided to stay.”

“And now you have mated as well.”

Apollo stared as if that concept still hadn’t settled in his brain.

Grayson couldn’t have that.

He wiped his mouth off with a napkin then stood, moving around the table to pick Apollo up in his arms. The man dropped his fork, the loud clatter of the piece of metal dropping on the floor drowned out by Apollo’s yelp as he struggled and then grabbed onto Grayson.

“Jesus, you’re strong.” Apollo’s dark obsidian eyes were rounded, wide, amazement filling them. The lust that suddenly permeated the air was thick, cloying, wrapping around Grayson like a cloak.

Grayson grinned as he carried Apollo toward the stairs. “You like me strong.”

Apollo gulped.

Grayson swung around and pressed Apollo back against the wall, pressing his larger body into Apollo’s. He leaned in to brush his cheek against his mate’s, the man’s morning stubble rubbing against his skin.

Apollo sighed as Grayson’s tongue licked leisurely up the side of his neck and then back down the other side until he reached Apollo’s throat. The tip of his tongue lingered around Apollo’s Adam’s apple, teasing it gently with his teeth as his mate moaned.

“I like you just the way you are,” Grayson whispered against Apollo’s salty skin. “You smell so fucking good, Apollo.” Grayson inhaled deeply, brushing his nose across Apollo’s skin. “I could come just from the way you smell.”


Grayson almost came right there and then when Apollo’s hands fisted in his hair, his head tilting back. He didn’t know if his mate realized he was giving Grayson his submission, and he wasn’t about to tell him. There would be times when he submitted to Apollo in just the same manner.

There was nothing taboo between mates.

“Want you.” Grayson spoke against delicious kiss-swollen lips. He snaked his arms around Apollo, pulling him closer. He could feel his mate’s erection pressing into his own. The friction was maddening. Grayson would never get enough of feeling his mate’s hard cock against his body.

He pushed his hands down the back of Apollo’s jeans. He ran his hands over the flare of his mate’s buttocks, squeezing both nicely rounded globes. Apollo moaned, hitching a leg up onto Grayson’s hip, pressing even closer. Parting the cheeks, Grayson tapped at the hidden entrance with his index finger.

Grayson picked his mate up by his rounded ass cheeks and carried him upstairs to the bedroom they had slept in the night before. He laid Apollo down on the middle of the mattress then stood back, undressing before climbing into the bed and crawling over Apollo to taste those sweet lips once again, consuming them as his desire was consuming him.

He knew he would have to take his time with Apollo. His mate was skittish. Why, Grayson didn’t know, but he would find out. He made his touches light, getting Apollo used to them as Grayson kissed first his mate’s jaw, then his lips.

Turning until he was on his hands and knees over his mate, Grayson dipped his head and sucked in a tan nipple between his lips, teasing the small bead with his teeth. He used his tongue as a weapon against Apollo’s senses, making his mate moan in pleasure as he sucked the satiny skin.

It was a powerful feeling to watch Apollo’s body writhe beneath his touch, knowing that he was bringing his mate so much pleasure. Apollo wasn’t hiding anything from him. He let his moans be heard, along with his hisses and whimpers. Inside of him, his wolf was growling his approval at him taking his mate, claiming the man.

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