The Billionaire(81)

By: Jordan Silver

Now I laid her back with her legs almost to her ears and pounded into her. “This what you want?”

“Yes fuck me harder, go deeper.” Shit she was horny tonight, which meant this could turn into an all-nighter. She only talks like that when her emotions are out of control and her pussy needs me to bring the heat.

It got dirty quick, there was milk leaking all over her chest which I tried to lap up as fast as I could as I kept up my strokes deep into her. “Guess what little Blossom. I have the perfect way to calm your little ass down.” She looked up at me, mouth open as she fought for air, breasts jiggling with the force of my thrusts. “I’m going to breed you again, the sooner the better.” I grinned down at her as she scowled up at me. I pulled out and climbed up her chest pushing my cock into her mouth. “Suck me.” She licked her juices off of me, before sucking me in and giving my cock a workout. Shit she was getting too good at this shit, how am I supposed to rule her ass with my dick when she so effortlessly owns the shit?

“Open.” I pulled out of her greedy mouth and flipped her over onto her stomach. Reaching over I got the scarf that was sitting on the night table and bound her hands behind her back. I dragged my cock down her ass teasing her until I reached her pussy again. “I’ll fuck your ass later right now I want back in that pussy.” I left her laying flat on her stomach and drove my cock into her. She grunted and strained against me as I wrapped her hair around my wrist and pulled her head back for my tongue. I felt my cock enter her womb and held still enjoying the sensation of being in her tight hot sweetness.

When she started grinding her pussy into the bed beneath her I pulled back and went in again. Fucking her deep. “Right there, that’s where I’m emptying my balls, right in there.” I leaned over sending my dick even deeper into her and snapped onto her neck with my teeth. She raised her ass into my thrusts grinding her ass and her pussy onto me, begging me to go faster. I lifted her to her knees and with one hand pulling the scarf that bound her hands and the other in her hair pulled her on and off my cock furiously. Her tight pussy snapped around my engorged cock with each thrust taking me in deeper and deeper.

“Cum for me baby.” I pulled her head back and tongue fucked her mouth as I pounded out my lust inside her sweet tight body. She bit down on my tongue as she came and I slammed pass the opening of her cervix and into her womb where I spewed jet after jet of my hot seed into her.

“I love you Blossom.” I whispered in her ear as I untied her hands and worked the feeling back into them. She waited until I was resting back on my pillow and settled herself on my chest staring into my eyes. “No Blossom you’re not driving it, I took the Bugatti away because of your speeding. If you keep this shit up instead of the Merc I’ll get you a Prius.”

“Gideon, please, just once I won’t speed I promise.” I looked down at her pouty beautiful face. The only time I ever deny her anything is when it comes to her safety. She’s had her way in everything else but when it comes to that there’s no give in me. “No and just in case you get any ideas I’m taking the keys with me from now on; and Ashley, if you disobey me on this your ass whipping won’t be like the last one. I’m serious baby no more fucking speeding.” Of all the things she could’ve chosen to fall in love with it had to be something life threatening.

She huffed and tried rolling away. “Get back here.” I pulled her back into my arms and hugged her close. “I don’t want you getting hurt baby that’s why I’m saying no. I want my baby to be safe and whole. Look at me.” I lifted her chin so I could look into her eyes. “You’re my most treasured gift I can’t let you do anything that might take you away from me okay.”

“Okay Gideon.” Good, she settled down at my side and cuddled with my arms wrapped around her. I kissed her head and settled down to sleep. “But I’m still driving that car.” I popped one eye open and looked at her bent head. We’ll just see about that. Maybe I’ll just have to take her and the babies away somewhere and work on my strategy. Barefoot and pregnant, we hadn’t taken the yacht out like I’d wanted to yet. Three months on the water should take care of her little ass. I fell asleep with a smile.

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