The Billionaire(5)

By: Jordan Silver

I settled myself as I drew closer to her, willing my body to calm the fuck down. One look and my heart started beating the shit out of my chest. I schooled my face and tried for that relaxed thing again but inside I was a riot of emotions.

"Hello Ashley." I snuck up behind her and a little to the side so as not to scare her to death.

She gave a start anyway before turning to me. I felt that look in my gut, felt the electricity coarse through me and knew in that moment that my life will never be the same. How very fucking clichéd.

Her first words to me were a bit puzzling, not what I expected at all and they threw me for a second.

"It's you." So breathlessly spoken.

"Excuse me?" I kept staring at her beauty, she really was an exceptionally beautiful girl.

"Nothing." She blushed and hung her head letting her hair fall forward to hide her cheeks.

"No, tell me, what did you mean?" I stepped in a little closer forgetting to be cautious and not scare her away.

"Nothing, just that...I saw you…before..." Could she be anymore fucking perfect? Her voice sounded like something out of a fucking fairytale. If I weren’t standing in front of her I would swear she was someone’s idea of a joke on me. It’s like someone reached inside he darkest recesses of my mind and came up with my ideal of perfection. She had the face of a Botticelli angel. Beautiful flawless skin, and bright eyes that were wide and so fucking innocent they weren’t to be believed. I didn’t dare look at the rest of her right now who knows what the fuck stupid thing I would do? Like snatch her and run; there was a thought.

"You saw me? When?"

"You were getting out of your car I guess in front of the Thorpe Towers, it was a while ago."

She seemed embarrassed by her admission as she avoided my eyes; just look at me Blossom. I wanted to take her face in my hands and force her to keep those amazing eyes on mine. Too fast Gideon nice and easy she’s skittish yet.

"And you saw me." It had to be the same day I'd seen her for the first time, what were the odds?

"I'm Gideon Thorpe." I held out my hand to take hers, soft and warm. I brushed my thumb slightly over the pulse in her wrist it matched mine. Like a runaway train, I have to get ahold of myself before I do something really stupid here. Everything inside me screamed to take her and get the fuck out of there but I couldn’t. If this was going to be what I wanted it to be I had to be patient, I never hated that fucking word as much as I did at that moment.

She was a bit weary, which was to be expected after all I'm a total and complete stranger approaching her out of nowhere. "Ashley Sanders." She finally looked at me full on and my heart fucking kicked in my chest. Merciful fuck.

Her voice, that face, those fucking eyes and her mouth sweet fuck, she 's a fucking knock out, everything about her called to me. There was no way I wouldn't own her in this lifetime. If I'd had any doubts before this moment vanquished them all. There was no point in prolonging the inevitable so I decided then and there to do as I’ve always done. I'd been telling myself to go slow because of her age, to feel her out. I thought I could afford that patience but I see now that I was wrong. Up close she was perfection, like nothing I'd ever seen before. And that air of innocence only made things worse for her. Something about this girl spoke to the primal part of me. That thing that makes us human, makes us civilized had taken a backseat. All I wanted was to plunder. It's a strange fucking feeling for a guy who's usually the hunted.

"Do you know why I'm here Ashley?"

She shook her head no as where before I was silently begging her to look at me I wanted to beg her to look away, I was about to embarrass myself. Either that or kiss the fuck out of her which I’m sure would probably scare her half to death. "Let's just say I saw you one day and something about you captured my attention. I don't believe in beating around the bush. I had your background investigated, I know how old you are, I know your father is a cop in the little town where you two live. I know you don't have many extra curricular activities outside of school, though I don't know why seeing as you're a teenager. But most importantly, I know that I want you."

Her eyes widened as she looked around.

"You have nothing to fear from me, well not physically anyway. Very soon we'll sit down together and I'll lay out what's going to happen between us for you, just know for now, all I want is for us to get to know each other."

"Uhm, I don't know." She was understandably nervous, but even that seemed sweet and unassuming; again a quality I wasn’t used to in the women I've dated in the past.

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