The Billionaire(4)

By: Jordan Silver

If all I'd wanted were a quick fuck it wouldn't matter that she was three months short of eighteen. I would just go for it, slake my lust and be done, but I felt the need for something more.

My every instinct screamed at me to tread carefully. I always follow my instincts and that's why I am where I am at such a young age. Old money might have been my foundation, but what I did with what I had is what makes me a force to be reckoned with. Her father is a high-ranking cop in their small town on the outskirts of the city. I wonder why she was coming here for school then? They had to have a school where she lived.

I looked up the place on the web since I’d never had cause to go there before.

Damn one thousand people talk about small I employed ten times that many people all around the globe, maybe more.

"Ashley." I said it out loud for the first time and felt it burn my tongue as it went through me.

Even her name made me hard. I had to get myself together there were things I needed to do, things I needed to set in motion, like our first meeting. Though I might consider holding off on anything too physical for the next little while, there is no fucking way I'm waiting to meet her.

Tomorrow then, tomorrow I will approach her, set the groundwork. I studied the picture Gage had included. Damn she's beautiful. Something about her pulled at my protective instinct. Like I needed to grab her up and shield her from the rest of the big bad world. "Soon my little Blossom." I rubbed my finger over her face as her eyes stared back at me. I put her picture in my inside pocket as I set to work on my strategy.

Chapter 3


Another day has gone by since I first laid eyes on her, I’ve finally decided on my point of attack.

I've learned through the daily reports of the men I have guarding her that she has a routine. Everyday on her lunch break she likes to sit alone under a tree a little off school grounds. Perfect, I'm not sure what the protocol is for strange men traipsing across schoolyards, but I'm pretty sure it can't be good.

I can't put it off any longer. I haven't slept in days, and work has lost its appeal. It's as if she's the sun in my dark dreary world. One I didn’t realize was becoming dull and ascetic until seeing her across the way that day weeks ago. I've been living for those few glimpses of her in the mornings, like a lovesick puppy. Not a good look for a hard nosed business tycoon who rules everything around him. Today is the day; I can't believe I'm nervous. Fuck. I haven't been this nervous over a woman in....never.

I made sure to dress down today; by that I mean no suit and tie just a black button down, black slacks, shirt sleeves rolled to the elbows, first two buttons left undone. Casually relaxed without looking like a fucking perv. There wasn't a damn thing I could do about my hair, so why bother? Just a swift brush through that didn’t do shit to keep it tamed. I studied myself in the mirror wondering who the fuck was this guy who was sweating at the thought of approaching a woman? Maybe the problem was that I hadn’t once thought of her in the way I’ve thought of any female since I was seventeen. She wasn’t just a hot piece of ass that I wanted to break a piece off of. Those I went after whole hog until jollies were had by all before both parties went their merry way. Except not to toot my own horn but in most cases they usually wanted the jolly to go on for much longer. That’s how I came up with decision to have a long-term arrangement with Lynn I got tired of the drama that came with break ups.

Now this beauty did not fall into that category and it scares the shit out of me because it’s unchartered water. Her age dictates that I as the adult handle everything with care. If I was going to do this, and I am, it has to be about her first all the way. I have no intentions on fucking up her life. Her report reads like an innocent’s, I can’t imagine her being worldly and sophisticated enough to take on a man like me. So you see my dilemma, for the first time in my life the great Gideon Thorpe cannot approach a woman with just fucking on his mind. I left the apartment and headed down to the garage where my car and driver awaited. It was only a few short minutes to the school but today I wouldn’t walk it, today the business tycoon was going to impress his high school sweetheart. Fuck me.

I gave her five minutes to sit and get settled under her tree as I watched from the back of the limo.

She’s just so fucking gorgeous, damn! The nervousness was finally gone thank heaven, and all that was left was an excitement I haven felt in way too long. That’s more like it.

I left the confines of the car at a slow clip, hands in my pockets, relaxed. There were kids milling about but no one seemed to be paying too much attention, which made me wonder why my beautiful girl was sitting all alone in the first place? Something to think about later right now I had more important things on my mind.

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