The Billionaire(3)

By: Jordan Silver


I'm watching my girl again, it's three days later. Things with Lynn have been squared away thank heaven.

We never lived together so there was no moving out to be done nothing to be hashed out and fought over. She’d tried that leaving stuff at my place shit more than once over the last two years but I always made sure she took them with her the next time she came over. She was never too happy about the situation but I never wanted that much of her. I’m not ashamed of what we had, I’m a man with needs and we both scratched an itch for each other when it suited both of us. I never used or abused her in anyway and had no need to feel guilt for breaking things off. It would’ve been more dishonorable to have had carried on dragged things out when in my heart I knew it was over.

Enough about her, I don't have to give her a second thought, now I can focus all my energy on my baby girl. I have to strategize and plan the way I do with everything, though this would be the first time I’d ever approached a woman in this way. I’m usually the hunted not the hunter but in this case I feel compelled almost to go after her. Because of her age I’m taking every precaution, if I have to approach her parents first that can be arranged and hopefully they didn’t try to play hardball because the way I’m feeling there’s nothing that will stand in my way. Our first meeting has to go off without a hitch I want it to be perfect. I have to learn all her habits so I would know where and when to make my approach. I hope it doesn't take too long for my team to find out what I need to know. Each day it gets harder and harder to hold off but I like to know all the players in the game. If her parents are going to prove difficult I have to know everything before going in.

My dick stays hard now just the thought of getting my hands on her is driving me insane.

I have one of my security team on her at all times now as well, while an investigator is gathering all the information he can. I should know by end of business today what moves I need to make thank fuck. It feels like forever since I’d first laid eyes on her. Since this heat in my body has been threatening to consume me. I should be annoyed that one little girl should have this strong an affect on me but somehow I’m not. In fact it’s quite the opposite, I feel excited and energized. Like I’m about to embark on the greatest adventure of my life. The one thing that gives me pause is her age. Will she be closer to seventeen or eighteen?

I'm hoping for good news, I don't fancy ending up in a police blotter as a pedophile. I'm not sure I could touch her if she turned out to be sixteen, legal or not. Neither am I sure I could wait to take her if she turns out to be that young. Fuck!

She seems at a lost today as I watch from my window high above the city. It seemed as if she were looking for something or someone. I know she has no affiliations with anyone, according to my daily reports she lived a pretty sheltered life. She went to school and then home, but during the day when she was in class I had no way of knowing what went on behind those walls. So far there was nothing to suggest she was attached to anyone. It wouldn't be the easiest thing to break a teenaged girl's heart if she fancied herself in love with some boy, but I know myself, I will let nothing stand in my way.

There was a lot of planning to be done, according to what I find out today my life is about to change drastically. Like I said I'm not accustomed to being the hunter, never needed to be. And the fact that she was so young, well that changed things; there will have to be provisions made. I didn't want to cast her as just another one of my acquisitions, somehow I knew she would be more than that, how much more is left to be seen.

Gage has finally arrived with his news. I had him leave me the packet with everything he found on my desk. I wanted to peruse alone at my own leisure. My heart raced with excitement at what I would find there. It really didn't matter though. I'd already made up my mind even if I had to wait to have her under me I will take ownership very soon. There’s no way I could wait another year or two to approach her.

I have no idea what my head of security thinks is the reason for my sudden interest in the life of a teenage girl. I'm not in the habit of explaining myself. Why would I? It's nobody's business; if he found my request strange he never let on though which is why he's in my employ. He just does his job without question, which for a man in my position is a great asset.

Alone in my office with my feet up I started to get to know my little Blossom.

Shit three months before she turns eighteen. Oh well, three months isn't that long, and it's only my moral compass that stops me from going full tilt ahead. I wonder though how mature she could be at her age?

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