The Billionaire(10)

By: Jordan Silver

"Hello beautiful, I've come to share lunch with you."

She blushed; I wasn't sure if it was because of my attention, or because I had figured out that her piece of shit father hadn't sent her to school with lunch or any way to get something to eat.

I let it go for now, there will be plenty of time for that later right now I wanted my complete focus on her. I wanted to see her smile again. Her face does amazing things when she smiles, not to mention what it does to me.

I'd gotten us Caesar salads with grilled salmon, fresh fruit salad and water to drink.

I watched to make sure she was eating before I began to tell her of my morning's activities.

"I saw your father today."

I kept my eyes on her watching closely for her reaction. Was the fear that entered her eyes the normal fear any teenaged girl would have in this situation, or was it something more?

Tread carefully Gideon, do not push, not yet, no matter what has come before, you're here now, just see to it that her life is better for having you in it. I had to repeat that shit to myself when the fear on her face grew palpable.

"What happened?" Her voice was so soft, so...fearful, one day soon I will take that all away.

"He gave us his blessing."

I saw the disbelief in her eyes when she finally picked her head up to look at me. Fear mixed with hope, a sad combination in one so young. She made me want to weep. What is this? Was she my penance? How could she make me feel when I never had before? Why her, why now? This whole situation felt beyond my control, which was never a favorite of mine.

"He...Are you sure?" For fuck sake Gideon you can’t pick her up and sit her on your lap with a schoolyard full of teens walking around. They’re probably wondering who the fuck you are in the first place, no need to make a spectacle of yourself and her. But that hopeful sadness in her voice pierced me to the quick.

"One hundred percent, in fact I'm picking you up from school this evening and you're going to spend some time with me before I take you home later. Would you like that?"

"Oh yes please."

So innocently eager to be with me; please don’t let me fuck this up.

"Go ahead, finish your lunch Blossom, we'll talk later. Just know that your dad knows about us, and although he was a little worried in the beginning, I guess that had more to do with my age than anything. He came around in end though, you can call him and check if you'd like."

I held out my phone to her but she refused.

"I believe you."

Now she's back to blushing and ducking her head. I lifted her head with a finger under her chin.

"Why so shy?"

She just shook her head and blushed even harder. I wanted to kiss that amazing mouth of hers, but not here. Too many prying eyes, last time I'd forgotten myself not today. There will be plenty of time for that later, I'll make sure of it.

When lunch was over I had her stand in front of me so we could talk. It was almost time for her to return to classes but there was one more thing before I let her go.

"Look at me little Blossom."

She looked up at me, so fucking beautiful, damn. Will I ever get used to it? I hope not, I hope I never lose this feeling of awe whenever I look at her.

"I need to know, need to hear you say it, do you want this, with me?"

She bit into her lip in that way that was bound to make me crazy before long, before nodding her head.

"No baby, say it."

"Yes, I want...this with you..." Done deal, the last hurdle crossed. Now I can forge full steam ahead.

"Good, now is there anything you need before I leave you? I'll be back to get you later, should I meet you here?"

"Here's fine, and no, I don't need anything, just..."

"Just what baby?"

"Don't hurt me."

Fuck, those words in that soft, hesitant almost tearful voice was my undoing. How could someone hurt such a thing of beauty?

"Come here Ashley."

She came to me without hesitation, head down looking at her feet. I wonder if I should work on that or if that was a big part of her appeal? I didn’t want her to be this way with anyone else though. As my woman she would be queen of the fucking city. I didn’t want her being shy and meek with anyone else. The sharks I swam with would see that as a weakness and go for the jugular. Then I’d have to get blood on my hands and that’s never good. There you go again getting ahead of yourself Gideon. You’ve lost all sense of propriety and what little bit of civility you had seems to have disappeared entirely. Well that’s what happens when a lion has to protect his mate. I imagine that’s exactly how the king of beast feels.

"Look at me, you have nothing to fear from me, I will never hurt you, not in any way, and from now on no one else ever will."

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