In Too Deep (Doing Bad Things Book 2)(5)

By: Jordan Marie

“Then do her,” Gavin instructs helpfully.

“Please. She’s not my type,” I sigh, closing my eyes and for some reason the girl’s image comes easily to mind.

“Meaning she’s not a drama-queen, she-bitch from Hell,” I hear Casey yell out.

“I should have known you had me on speakerphone. Hey Casey, my biggest fan.”

“Hey Aden,” she calls out cheerfully. “Quit being a dickhead.”

“Being around Gavin has changed you Casey. But I’m not being a dickhead as you so eloquently put it. This woman makes Gloria look like a damn saint.”

“I doubt anyone has that ability. You’re exaggerating Aden,” Casey laughs.

“Or delirious,” Gavin yells out. “Someone call 9-1-1.”

They’re laughing and it’s annoying the shit out of me. Maybe I’m just being a miserable dumbass and I’m sick of hearing how happy and in love my best friend and his girl are. I mean I’m happy for them, sure. But fuck. It gets old. Gavin got fucking lucky. In the real day-to-day world there are no happy endings, no fucking I-love-you-forevers. Casey is a different kind of girl, sure. Still, they’re younger than me and they’re new in the relationship. They’re still having sex all the time. It won’t be long until they’re at each other’s throats and the real world shows up.

They’re still laughing at me in the background and I’m tempted to hang up. My life is a mess right now and this is the last fucking thing I need right now. Fuck, I wouldn’t even be in this damn town, in this rat-infested no-tell motel, if not for Gavin and his smart ass. Or even Casey and her, “Write a book, Aden! It will be easy!”

When Gavin makes his next remark, I don’t mind admitting, I lose it.

“I think you’re protesting too much, Aden. I bet you like this chick. This time next week you’ll probably be nailing her.”

“Gavin!” Casey yells.

“What? I’m just saying I wouldn’t be surprised next time he checks in he’ll be doing a little brown chicken, brown cow.”

“Brown chicken? Brown cow? What the hell does that even mean?” I snap.

“You know getting it on…farm style,” Gavin answers.

“Getting it on? You’re insane. What happens if the Cow is gray?” Casey asks.

“Casey, there are no gray cows,” Gavin answers seriously and I can’t believe I’m on the phone having this damn conversation.

“How did I ever fall in love with you again, Gavin?”

“My sparkling personality,” he laughs.

“I’m going,” I growl.

“Come on Aden, don’t be all grouchy drawers,” Casey whines.

“Slip the owner the dick, dude. Work the edge off. It will probably help you with your writing,” Gavin adds.

“Slip her the dick? God, with romance like that, how could I help but love you, Gavin,” Casey mutters.

“Fuck no. My dick is getting nowhere near this woman. Her motel is a joke and she’s got the personality of the school lunchroom lady.”

“Do you even remember school, old man?” Gavin laughs.

“That’s not nice Aden,” Casey censures, which again just feeds the anger inside of me.

“Just being honest. She doesn’t even try to make herself look better. It’s probably just as well. Casey, even you with your talent in makeup would have trouble doing it. She’s got so many bags under her eyes it looks like she’s been on a three-week bender.”


“And don’t get me started on how out of shape she is. She probably sits in front of the television eating chocolate all day.”

“Aden!” Casey says again.

“You know the type, Gavin. The ones who watch life go on around them and do nothing to take part.”

“Aden you need to chill, man. You’re not even sounding like yourself,” Gavin says and he’s not laughing now and neither is Casey. They’re going all moral on me. They’re right, I’m being an ass, but I’m sick of people.

I’m sick of everything.

“What? You asked. I’m just telling the truth. There’s no way in hell my dick would get near White’s cousin. Maybe if she lost thirty pounds and actually ran a brush through her hair I’d give her a pity fuck, but that’s it.”

I hate the words as soon as I say them. I’m instantly filled with guilt. Shit, I don’t even mean them. I’m letting my anger at the world, at Gloria and everything else boil over. Casey and Gavin don’t realize how much they add to my misery. I know I’m filled with self-pity right now, but I don’t give a damn, not really. Still, when I say the words I hear a small gasp. I look up immediately and realize I left the door open. It was freaking hot when I got here, and I thought leaving it open would help air circulate until the AC cooled things down. That was a mistake, because White’s cousin is standing there, looking shell-shocked holding a stack of clean towels.

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