The Boss's Proposal (Billionaire Bad Boy BBW Romance)(7)

By: Amanda Horton

Lily let out a laugh that was more mocking than she had intended it to be.

“Alec, when you want your staff to be more productive, you focus on raising staff morale, not lowering it.”

“Lily, you don’t understand. Every morning they would bring in donuts and coffee and talk for an entire hour before beginning work.” Alec said, trying to defend himself.

“Alec, its work. They don’t enjoy it like you do. They need that extra hour in the morning. Trust me, bring those things back, and more, and you’ll get the productivity you want.”

It seemed obvious to her, but Alec had obviously not considered it before now.

“Okay, thank you Lily.” He said before focusing his attention back on the computer that sat before him.

After the day ended, Lily headed to the bookstore

“How are things going at the office?” Holly asked as the two of them enjoyed a dinner of pizza in the store.

“Okay, I guess.” Lily shrugged.

“At least you’re making enough to support the store and yourself.”

It was true. Lily was making enough to do that. She was grateful for that, and also for Holly whom had made it all possible.

A knock came at the door, and Lily stood up quickly to answer it. It was past normal store hours, but if someone wanted in, she wasn’t about to stand in the way of a perspective patron.

As she reached for the door, she caught a handsome and familiar face outside of the window. She smiled as she recognized Alec and then opened the door.

“What are you doing here?” She asked.

“I wanted to come see your store.” She said, looking around.

Holly came from the back and met eyes with Alec before shifting them to her sister. She looked as though she had seen a ghost.

“Hey Holly.” Alec greeted her.

“Alec. How long has it been? WOW?” She said before leaving the store.

“She was in a rush.” Alec noted.

“She’s a mom now, she’s always in a rush.

Alec smiled the continued to take in the bookstore.

“It’s just like what you imagined.” He remarked, mostly under his breath.

“Thank you.”

“I’m so proud of you”

“You are?”

“ Yes, and I have also missed you badly”. Their eyes met, as he said this. Lily did not say anything but she looked right into his eyes. There was love in the air and both could feel it.

Alec came towards her, placing his hands on her shoulders. He leaned down and placed his hand on her soft face before lending his lips to hers.

All at once, she was overcome. Her nerve endings stood on end, her heart thrashed and her stomach became a knot. It had been so many years since she had felt his lips against hers. Those memories, those days spent together, all came rushing back to her, almost like she had never left him. She reached to him, holding him near her as she kissed him passionately.

He pulled her in close to him, his scent radiating the room and her. She was immediately overcome and intoxicated by him, every part of him. He stepped forward, pressing her body against the counter as he then lifted her up, and then gently placed her back down with grace.

They took a moment between kisses to gaze at one another. Alec gulped her down with his eyes before he pulled her close once more.

Lily wanted to stop him. He was her boss now and she could not jeopardize this job for anything. But she was so overwhelmed with feelings that she could not say anything. She knew Alec loved her; he had always loved her even when she broke up with him.

He focused kisses on her neck and down her chest before finishing on her chest as he removed her shirt. As he took it from her, she worked the buttons of his dress pants, and then allowed them to fall to the floor. She felt his throbbing member between her legs as she also felt her pulsating sex become wet with excitement and anticipation. He pulled her skirt from her toned legs as he ravished her with more kisses all over her awaiting body.

He ventured towards her sweet spot with his fingers and enjoyed her wetness. Impressed, with her, he plundered deeper, drawing moans and squeals from her. She moved her hips, drawing him in then out again as she moved.

Finally, he pulled him to her completely as he thrust himself inside of her without hesitation. Lily let out a cry of pleasure as she did, filling her immediately and completely. She allowed her head to fall back as he worked, each pump more intense than the last. He placed his hand on her face and took in her beauty as she gazed back at him.

He then pulled her close to him as his pumps became shorted. She felt him cover her with his nectar before he pulled back. Pleasure coated her from head to toe, and her breath was difficult to catch. She looked into his eyes as he smiled at her and helped her clean herself up as he dressed her.

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