The Boss's Proposal (Billionaire Bad Boy BBW Romance)(3)

By: Amanda Horton

They had had so many wonderful years together. Alec took a deep breath as he realized what was happening.

“Alec, I can’t do this anymore.” Said Lily said as she looked down at her hands that were a sweaty mess.

“Lil, don’t.”

“Alec, I’ve given you so many chances. You keep disappointing me.” Lily bit at her lip. “I just don’t think that we go together anymore.”

Alec was taken aback, but still kept his cool demeanor.

“What in the hell is this about Lil?” Alec asked, his voice raw.

“Ambition, Alec. You have none.”

“Lil, you assume that just because I don’t have every moment of my day sorted and spoken for that I don’t have a future. That’s not true Lily ”

“There’s no going with it when it comes to the future Alec! You have to mold it, make it happen!” Lily heard the harshness, but didn’t mind it.

“You’re way is not the only way Lily.”

There was a strange emotion in Alec’s eyes, one that Lily ignored, no matter how much they begged her not to.

“I’ve made up my mind, Alec. I’m done.”

“There has to be something I can do Lil,” Alec said, choking back his emotions as he spoke.

“You already had the chance. I’m going to Holly’s, I want all your things gone by the time I get back.” Lily said heartlessly as she stood and left the house, feeling both relief and regret.

“Fine Lil, if that’s the way you want it. The only thing you give a damn about is that book store any way!” Alec yelled in anger behind her as she left the apartment.


Lily sat with a knot in her stomach as she watched the clock tick by. It was agony to sit and wait. She was more than uncomfortable, sitting there helplessly as her world was endangered.

Blue Technologies was the world’s largest technological companies, and Holly had managed to set Lily up with a secretary position with the CEO. It was just another thing to add to her list of reasons why she would never be able to repay her sister.

It had been a couple of years since Lily had been to a job interview, and she was suddenly reminded as to why she was so intent on being her own boss. She hated the feelings of inadequacy that came along with begging for a job.

She couldn’t help but to compare her to all of the other women that had appeared for the interview. They were all beautiful women. All dressed in suits and dresses that she wasn’t able to pronounce the designers of. She gnawed at her lip, wishing that she had dressed better. She wore the same old skirt that she had worn to apply for her business license, with a fitted white shirt, again a couple of years old.

“Brandi Goss,” A woman that sat at a round desk called in her valley girl accent.

A tall blonde followed the woman back. She strutted with a stride that asserted strength. She looked like a woman that showed up on covers of New York Magazines with the title, “How Does She Do It?” Lily couldn’t even imagine the confidence that she would have radiated during her interview.

Less than ten minutes passed before Brandi came pouring out of the back office. She wore a mask of aggravation and harsh disappointment. She slammed her Jimmy Choo heels on the tile with loud clicks that made a point. A point that she was done with whatever she had left behind her. It made Lily even more nervous for what lay behind the doors to that office.

“Lily Day,” the valley girl accent called like a demon calling Satan’s next subject.

Lily stood and followed the woman to an office that screamed prestige. Glass and stainless steel sat all around her, intimidating her with their gleam. Respected awards lined the walls, along with the company logo, letting Lily know that she was lucky to be sitting where she was. She thought about leaving the office, about running from the intimidation that she felt, but she shook it off and focused by counting the clicks on the clock.

After a few uncomfortable moments alone, she began to wonder if the CEO had simply given up on finding a secretary. She wondered if they had found someone already? She imagined her bookshop going up for sale.

As the thought passed through her mind, so did some designer cologne that she couldn’t quite put her finger on. It was vaguely familiar, but there was something different about it. It was familiar in the way that flowers are in the spring.

Lily listened as heels came clacking onto the tile that lined the office. Lily turned to look over her shoulder.

He stood about six foot three and had a muscular build. His skin was a deep brown, and looked bronze in the strong daylight that the office windows let in. His eyes were what sparked the memory the quickest in Lily’s mind. They were a light smoked topaz, and were unlike any Lily had seen before. He had strong facial features that were hard to ignore. The word that came to her mind the fastest was handsome. And then the rush of memories that were still blurry.

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