The Bad Boys' Reluctant Woman(8)

By: Sam Crescent


Connor locked the doors to his truck and stared up at her floor. He didn’t like where she lived. Nothing bad ever happened in Law Castle, and yet, this place was the worst neighbourhood. He saw the trailers around the back where people lived who couldn’t afford to live in housing.

He shook his head. The recent downturn in the markets had hit everyone hard. This was his town, and he loved it, but there were parts he wished he could change. Law Castle still had an array of people he didn’t agree with from drunks to drug users.

Between the Bad Boys and the Sheriff’s department, they tried to keep the town clean. Some things were harder to do than others. He loved a drink, but he never craved the consequences. The number of times he’d seen his old man off his face and then not remember what he’d done in the morning was too often for his own peace of mind. Connor drank in small doses, a couple of beers here or there. Never enough that he wasn’t in control. Control was what he craved the most.

When the sun began to rise he started his truck and made his way back to his own house. The truck sounded in need of repair. He enjoyed working on his truck when he wasn’t in the kitchen baking.

He parked the car round back before walking the short distance to the front door. Jake and Brent were already moving around. Connor went into the kitchen and put the oven on followed by the coffee machine.

Connor grabbed his food mixer and placed it on the counter next to the socket. Once he set it up he washed his hands then moved to the pantry to grab a few ingredients.

“You’re only getting started on the baking?” Jake asked as he came into the kitchen. The coffee was finishing percolating.

“No. I’m making a batch of cakes to take to Zoe. I don’t like the thought of her being alone. Have you seen where she lives?” Connor asked. He measured out ingredients, placing each one in order into the bowl.

“No, I haven’t seen where she lives. I’ve heard about it and know it is in the rough part of town. I don’t like it. Were you out all night again?”

Connor shrugged his shoulders. “I couldn’t sleep. She didn’t leave work ‘til late, and I waited for her. I gave her a lift home and stayed until I was sure it would be safe enough for her.”

“She won’t like you hounding her, Connor,” Brent said, stretching.

“I don’t give a fuck what she’d like. I’m doing what I think is necessary.”

Brent nodded his head going for the coffee. Connor ignored them both and started the mixer. He never could get over how much he enjoyed baking. It was a strange comfort considering his own parents were never inside a kitchen.

He supplied the local bakery and helped with the fun fairs and carnivals that came to town, anonymously, as he didn’t want everyone to know what he did in his spare time.

Once the cakes were in the cases and baking in the oven he poured himself a generous amount of coffee into a mug and waited for the cakes.

Connor felt his other two friends staring at him.

“What?” he asked.

“You’re not sleeping again, and usually that ends with you taking a woman until you fuck whatever problems you feel out of your system,” Jake said.

He sighed. “That’s not going to happen this time.” They did not look convinced. “I’m not going to ruin any shot we have with Zoe. She may seem like a bitch with an attitude problem, but I know she’d be hurt if we went with other woman. I’m not going to risk it.”

“You could talk to us,” Brent said.

Connor shook his head. “I love you guys like my two brothers. Don’t worry about crap that doesn’t exist. I’m fine.” He pulled the cupcakes out of the oven and placed them on a cooling rack.

“Fine, I’m going to get ready for work. Noah and Drew wanted us to open the shop again. I’ve got two engines on the blink with two older guys who refuse to pay,” Jake said after he drained the coffee from his cup.

“I’ll be along in a minute.”

Connor watched his two friends leave while he made the icing. He’d set them in the fridge, and at lunchtime he’d go over to Zoe.

Chapter Four

Jake opened the mechanic shop and wished for the third time in the same day that he was doing something else. Working with cars was fun, but he just wished there was something else to keep him occupied.

“I don’t know about you, but these cars are looking in piss poor condition,” Brent said, slapping him on the shoulder. They walked together to the changing room that their boss kept in the back. Jake was sick and tired of the cost of replacing all the jeans with car grease on them.

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