The Bad Boys' Reluctant Woman(7)

By: Sam Crescent

“You could move into our place with us,” Connor said as he pulled up. Several lights were on throughout the apartment duplex. The fading paint work and chipped bricks did nothing to make her feel comfortable.

“No, thanks. This place is more than fine for me. Thank you for the ride.” She pulled on the truck’s handle only to be stuck as the door wouldn’t budge. Zoe glanced over to see Connor smiling at her.

“I put the child lock on.”

“I didn’t think trucks had child locks.”

“This is still a truck that can carry children. Most vehicles have it.”

“Why did you put the lock on?” she asked. Zoe was tired and impatient. She wasn’t ready to deal with the actions of a child.

“I wanted to talk to you without Jake and Brent.”

“Are you kidding me? I thought you guys did everything together.”

“We do. But neither of them suffer with insomnia, while I do.”

Zoe growled in frustration. “What do you want to talk to me about?”

“You’re always straight to the point.”

“I have to be. It’s almost four in the morning. I’m tired, Connor. I want to get some sleep.”

“Pushing us away won’t work,” he said.

“Excuse me?”

“We’re in this for the long haul. I know I’m not going to back off, and I think it is time you let yourself care about someone, Zoe.”

She laughed. The sound was hysterical to her own ears.

“I guess you’d be the guy I should be letting myself feel?” she asked.

Connor turned all of his attention on her. She felt the penetration of his gaze straight to her pussy. The guy had amazing eyes. They were the brightest blue she’d ever seen. Jake had green eyes, and Connor had blue. She felt ashamed of the fact she didn’t know what colour Brent’s eyes were.

She’d make sure to look at them the next time she saw him.

“I’m not the only guy you care about. You also care about Jake and Brent.”

“Don’t you feel a shred of jealousy? I mean, two of your friends want to fuck me. They want to have their way with me. Don’t you think you should be feeling a little possessive?” she asked.

“The thought of Brent and Jake being with you, makes my dick hard, Zoe. I can’t wait to see you butt naked and taking our cocks. Have you ever had three men inside you all at once?” he asked.

Her pulse pounded inside her neck. She thought of all three men surrounding her, her pleasure the only thing they cared about. Zoe swallowed past the lump in her throat. The desire beat through her veins making her aware of so much more.

“You know that you’re not right,” she said.

“Welcome to Law Castle, Zoe. We’re not ashamed of what we like.” He got out of the truck. She watched him move to her side to open the door. His hand was between them offering her help. She so wanted to take his hand. Her walls were crumbling. She needed to put some much needed distance between them.

Zoe got out of the truck without touching him. A point in her favour.

“Thank you for the ride.”

She walked past him going to her apartment.

“I’ll be there every night to pick you up,” he said. She turned to see him watching her.

“You don’t need to do that.”

“I’m doing that. Don’t try to argue. You’ll lose.”

She folded her arms underneath her breasts. Zoe wanted to argue, to spit and throw curses at him. Throwing her hands in the air in exasperation, she turned and moved toward her apartment building. The elevator was busted, and she took the stairs. She lived on the sixth floor. By the time she was at the door, her body was covered in a small amount of sweat. She needed to start losing weight again. Six months of walking up and down the stairs and she still wasn’t fit enough.

At her door, she unlocked the bolt and then walked towards the railing to look down into the parking lot. A thrill shot through her body. Connor was still there staring up at her. He lifted a hand to wave at her.

Unable to stop herself, she waved back then made her way into her apartment. What the hell was she thinking? She felt the spark of hope inside her chest at seeing him still waiting for her.

The moment she got inside her small apartment, she pushed the lock into place and then rested against the door. She took several deep breaths to compose herself. Her heart was threatening to drive out of her chest. Zoe pressed a hand to her chest in the hope of calming the rush.

“Stop,” she said to herself.

After several minutes passed she felt better. Zoe ran her fingers through her hair and moved through to her bedroom. She needed a shower and some sleep. Everything would make sense to her after those few things were taken care of.

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