The Bad Boys' Reluctant Woman(48)

By: Sam Crescent

When the countdown began, Jake, Brent, and Connor each took turns. As the crowd shouted out at the New Year, she saw Vicki leave the house, Tristan staring after her.

Her only wish for the New Year was that Vicki found some happiness. She knew the younger woman deserved it.

The people began to leave, and by three they were alone. They left the mess for the morning. Zoe followed them up the stairs to their shared room. They never slept in any other room in the house but this one. She loved it. Waking up surrounded by three gorgeous men never failed to entertain her.

They pulled her clothes off and took her to the bed. Zoe opened herself up to their rampant need. Their love was spoken in actions rather than words. She closed her eyes as they brought her body to fulfilment over and over again.

She fell asleep exhausted but with three men wrapped around her. Their love was worth every second of what she’d been through. Losing her parents and being in the foster system had all led her to Law Castle, and that had led her into the arms of three men who would spend the rest of their lives loving her. It was more than she could have ever hoped for. The only thing she ever wanted was to be loved and to have a family of her own. She knew they were planning a special dinner to propose. Zoe had heard them talking the other night when they’d thought she was asleep. It would be the best day of her life as she knew the answer without hesitation. Yes!

The End

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