The Bad Boy Wants Me:A Bad Boy Romance(86)

By: Georgia Le Carre

‘Talk dirty to me,’ he said.

‘How dirty?’ I asked.

‘Make it filthy.’

‘I want to suck your dirty big cock until you cum in my throat.’

He grinned. ‘Not bad.’

‘I’m a shameless slut who loves to have a really, really big dick stuck deep inside her wet cunt.’

‘Very good,’ he approved and started to unbutton my blouse. ‘Carry on,’ he instructed in a pleased voice.

‘And I love it when stretch me, and you fuck me hard in the ass.’

He stopped unbuttoning, his eyebrows rising. ‘Really?’

‘Well,’ I said with a smile.

‘Jesus, woman. You’re always ruining my fantasy. Five years on and you still haven’t learned to talk dirty. It’s not just the words baby. You’ve got to say it like you mean it. You can’t be smiling and messing about like it was a joke.’

‘OK, OK,’ I placate.

He finished unbuttoning my blouse and slipped his hand up my skirt.

‘Oh, Sir. What are you doing?’

‘I’m just a sucker for a country girl.’

He allowed his hand to travel along the inside of my thigh and reached between my legs. ‘Oh, you dirty, dirty girl. Where are your panties? Look how wet you are. Look at you. You dirty thing you.’ A sexy smile lights his face. God, I am married to such a hot man!

I spread my thighs further apart and looked at him coyly. ‘I am such a dirty thing. Sitting here with my creamy cunt being really dirty all over the table. All dirty and filthy and ready to be fucked.’

‘I love it when you talk dirty,’ he muttered, and freeing his big beautiful cock plunged into me so hard and deep I cried out and thought how amazing it was that after all these years he still managed to make me scream. How the love had just grown and grown.

From downstairs came the sounds of two children, Parker and Isobel, both little devils, whooping with joy. There were also the sounds of two crazy dogs barking madly, and an exasperated woman shouting at the top of her voice for the little thieves to bring back them muffins right away.

‘I really should go down and stop them,’ I mumbled distractedly. It’s hard to think when such a big cock is deep inside you.

Thank God that dirty aristocrat totally ignored me and didn’t stop.

The End

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