Royal Rock:A Bad Boy Royal Romance(7)

By: B. B. Hamel

“I just came to see how you were liking the castle so far.”

“It’s nice, thank you.”

I laughed, my smirk getting bigger. “You know, I had to shake a security detail to come say hello without five men hovering around me. The least you can do is invite me in.”

“I guess that’s as close to asking as I’ll get out of you,” she said, sighing. “Come on in.”

She stepped aside and I walked into the room. I’d never been in it before, which wasn’t unusual. The castle had hundreds of rooms, and I hadn’t had time to explore them all.

“Nice,” I said. “They gave you a good one.”

“Yeah.. It’s really nice.”

I sat down on a chair and crossed my arms. “So, Bryce, I guess this is us officially meeting.”

“I guess so. What do I call you? King Christophe?”

“Just Trip, please.”

“Okay, Trip.” She sat down on the couch across from me, biting her lip. “Look, about earlier.”

“You mean about you slapping me in the face?” I smirked at her, leaning forward. “Yes, let’s talk about that.”

“Look, maybe I shouldn’t have done it, but what you said surprised me. It was just a reaction.”

I nodded. “I understand.”

“I’m not sorry, though.”

“Good. I’m not sorry, either.”

She looked annoyed. “You should be, though. Do you say that to every foreign guest or just the girls?”

“Just the attractive girls,” I said. “Only the ones I really do want to see in nothing but a pair of panties.”

She turned a bit red and crossed her arms. “I’ll slap you again, you know.”

“I bet you will.” I grinned even bigger. “I think I’d like that.”

She sighed, shaking her head, and I saw a little smile playing at her lips. “I read about you, you know.”

“Did you?” I asked.

“You’re the Partying Prince.”

I laughed. “It’s better in Starklandian. ‘Bad boy prince’ is probably a more accurate translation.”

“Whatever,” she said, shrugging. “I’m just not really surprised, is all.”

“Maybe you’re not yet,” I said, “but I think you’ll find I’m full of secrets.”

“I’m sure,” she murmured.

I stood up. “How about a personal tour? I’ll show you parts of the castle you’ll never get to see otherwise.”

She shook her head. “I don’t think so.”

“Afraid I’ll corner you in a dark corner and slip my hands down your body and find out just how wet you are?”

“No,” she said, shaking her head, “but I am afraid you’ll try.”

I laughed, grinning hugely. I liked this girl. I could feel a thrill in my bones, an excitement over her that I hadn’t felt for a woman in a very long time. She was so unlike every other girl in Starkland. She didn’t seem at all impressed that I was the king, or that I used to be the bad boy prince.

“Your loss,” I said. “If you change your mind, just call me.” I got up and walked over to her control panel. I entered my private number into her contacts section. “You’ll be able to get me anytime you want with this.”

She frowned at it and walked over. “Why do you guys have such an advanced castle? I mean, shouldn’t this place be all swords and shields?”

I laughed, nodding. “Yes and no. We like to update this place from time to time. But there are some swords and shields left lying around somewhere.”

“Great. I’ll make sure to check them out.”

“Good. I bet you’d look nice wearing only a belt and a nice piece of steel.”

She looked away. “I guess we’ll never find out.”

“We’ll see.” I stepped over to the door. “I’ll talk to you tonight at dinner, Bryce.”

“I guess so, King Trip.”

I laughed, opened the door, and headed out.

My security detail found me a few minutes later. They were annoyed that I had lost them, and the ministers were annoyed that I was late for the cabinet meeting.

But I didn’t much care. They were fine without me, and I hadn’t been able to help myself going to see Bryce again.

I was glad I had. She was as beautiful as I’d remembered and then some.

This was going to be a very, very fun visit.


Trip’s visit kept playing over and over in my mind as I got ready for dinner. It was supposed to be a big welcome ceremony for our family, and it wasn’t exactly something I could skip.

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