Property of the Bad Boy(5)

By: Vanessa Waltz

Heat simmers just below the surface of where she touches me. She runs her fingers over my muscles, her rosebud mouth flushed from kissing me. I grab the back of her head and twist her long hair into a rope, kissing her neck. She gasps.

“Lie down and spread your legs.”

Then my hand slips from her neck and my heart pounds against my skin as she looks up at me, her eyes wide. They’re so blue. She obeys me, her tits spreading over her chest as she lies down. I just want to throttle through and fuck her until the whole club can hear her screams, but the vulnerability in her eyes stops me. I follow her gaze below my belt, to my livid erection pressing absurdly against my slacks. She flinches as I undo my belt and fling it aside. Then I walk right to her head and pull down my slacks and briefs. Veins throb along my cock and a glistening bead of pre-cum hangs precariously as my dick springs free from my pants. I fist the base of it and watch her lick her lips.

“You like it, sweetheart? Want to touch it?”

A grin tightens my face as she reaches up and grabs me with both hands, moving up and down as if she’s never touched a cock before. She cups my balls with one, the other held firmly at the base. My cock jumps in her hands.

“You’re so big.”

“I’ve primed your pussy so that I could fuck you with every inch.”

I reach down and grab one of her tits as she plays with me, and then she looks at me with an uncertain gleam, her lips inches from my cock.

“Can I?”

She leans forward before I can respond, licking the pebble of pre-cum from my head. I squeeze her tits hard as she starts forward again, wrapping her lips around my head. A deep sigh leaves my throat as her tongue slides underneath, all the sensitive nerves on fire from her mouth. Now she’s sucking my cock, her beautiful, innocent eyes looking at me shyly, as if for approval. It’s fucking hot.

“Don’t be shy, take it all the way.”

Using my hand, I apply pressure to the back of her head and watch my cock slowly disappear in her throat. She pulls back to breathe, my dick greased with her saliva, and then she tries again.

“I want your nose to touch right here.”

I point to the skin right above my groin.

Shit, I love blowjobs. Sloppy, wet, noisy blowjobs, and this girl seems to be the queen of them. She grabs the base of my dick hard and runs her tongue along my shaft, gagging herself, and my muscles flex. It’s so hard not to just grab her head and fuck her throat, especially when she reaches around to grab my ass, pushing my cock deeper inside. My cock touches the back of her mouth, and then her nose touches my body. Good God, any more and I’ll come inside her.

“Good girl,” I say in a heavy voice, feeling as though I’m drunk again. “Very, very good girl.”

I love the view. Gorgeous, naked girl, sucking my cock. She moves on all fours and grabs my hips, and I can’t stop admiring her. The way her back dips, the delicate curve of her spine leading to her perfect ass, still pink with the imprint of my hand.


My cock throbs against her lips as she gives me a questioning look, and I bend over as her creamy neck arches with my hand gently pulling the back of her head. Then I seal my kiss against her lips, grabbing her one of her tits with a rough hand, feeling their orbicular shape, the way they bounce in my hands. Fuck, I can’t believe how hard I am. I taste myself inside her mouth, my tongue playing with hers. My hand slips lower, away from her chest to her other curves. What a nice ass. So tight I could probably bounce a penny off her. Then I sweep around her hip to that pussy that’s already creaming for me.

Her head lolls on my arm when my two fingers slide inside her tight walls, her eyes lit in an expression of ecstasy. I slide them in torturously slow, watching how she twists and how her legs move and how she bites her lip and moans anyway. She’s a sexy sight. I keep finger-fucking her, increasing the pace as her pussy gets soaking wet—the sounds unnaturally loud. Perhaps it’s because I can only see and hear her, and my dick feels like it’s going to fall off soon if I don’t hammer that perfectly primed cunt.

But I want to get her as close to the edge as possible. I pride myself on my abilities, on leaving every girl satisfied. I don’t want this girl satisfied—I want her floating on cloud nine; I want her to sing ballads about my cock.

She grasps my neck with her dainty fingers and moans into my mouth like a slut. Blood pounds in my head like a hammer. I’ve never been so worked up in my goddamn life. It’s the sounds she makes.

“Jack, please.”

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