Property of the Bad Boy(2)

By: Vanessa Waltz

“Hey, sexy.” Goddamn it, I’m still drunk as hell.

Thankfully she just smiles at me, laughter all over her face. “You’re not so bad yourself.”


“Oh, that’s one thing I already know.”

She laughs, a bell-like sound. “Do you want to have a drink with me?”

You can do anything you want to me, baby.

I study her jittering ankle. She’s nervous. That’s cute. A smile spreads across my face, and I beckon to her with a finger. “Come here.”

Pink rises in her cheeks as she hesitantly slides off the stool and takes a few steps toward me. I grab her wrist and yank her forward so that her body stumbles and then I pull her over my lap. She wraps her arms around my neck with a surprised gasp.

“I’d rather have a taste of you.”

For a moment she just eye-fucks me as the tiny freckles dotting her nose burn. My hands snake around her waist and I feel the heat of her burning through the thin fabric of her camisole.

“That’s a pretty good line.”

“Give me a fucking kiss.”

I love feeling the weight of her on my lap. Her hair tickles my skin as she leans forward, her pale lips hovering over my face. Sweetness flows over my tongue as I catch her bottom lip, crushing my mouth against hers. A spicy, ginger smell wafts from her hair, which is as smooth as silk. There’s nothing like having a gorgeous woman on your lap. Nothing like having a gorgeous naked woman on your lap, playing with your clothes and ready to do your bidding. Fuck, my slacks tighten just thinking about it. I want to feel her smooth skin gliding in my hands, and I want her to feel my rock-hard cock riding against her bare ass. Thank God I don’t get whiskey dick.

She pulls away from me before I can stick my tongue down her throat. I watch how she sucks in breath through those small pink lips that I’d love to see wrapped around my cock. She’s close enough to kiss again. Close enough to do anything I want, which is to drag my tongue down her neck to her milky cleavage.

Look at her tits. Do it.

But I force myself to hold her gaze. My heart does a small flip when her lips pull away, revealing a row of white, even teeth. Damn, she has a beautiful smile.

“You’re a very good kisser.”

Blood pounds in my head, my vision still swimming with booze. “There are a lot of other things I’m good at. Want me to show you?”

A laughing, sweet smile fills her face, as if she can’t believe what she’s hearing. “Let’s have a drink.”

Disappointment settles in my guts and then I realize that she just wants to talk bullshit for a while so that she feels less bad about her one-night stand.

“I can’t have another drink. Look at me.”

“You don’t look very drunk.”

“Trust me, I am.”

But not drunk enough to not see how the skin on top of her breast jumps with her pulse. Or feel the blood pounding through my cock. Elle est belle en tabarnak. I only have half an hour before I have to leave, and I have to fuck this girl. For fuck’s sake, she made the first move. This should be easy.

“But I can still give you the best night of your fucking life.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“I’ll make your toes curl, baby.”


“I’ll fill you up until you scream. You’ll never feel so sore and good after a night with my cock.”

A few seconds of stunned silence follow my words and then I turn my head to kiss that throbbing vein in her neck. Her nails dig into me ever so slightly.

Good. I have her.

She clears her throat. “What makes you think you can even use that cock in your condition?”

My blood churns at the salty tone in her voice. Fuck, I love girls with attitude. “Babe, I’ve fucked women when I was much more wasted than this.”

“Yeah?” Her chest flushes with red. “And how many of them want a second time with you?”

A smile hitches on my face. “All of them.”

She shakes her head, not believing me.

I slip my phone out of my slacks, still very conscious of her ass sitting on my lap, right over my cock. I show her my text messages, a dozen or so unread ones with random numbers. I pick one at random:

OMG that was so hot last night let’s get together again r u free Friday?

She snorts with laughter and then she goes back, selecting another one:

I will literally suck your dick off if we go out again. I do anal.

This time she throws her head back and laughs, the phone shaking in her hand. It’s a beautiful sound that makes a hot drop of pleasure run down my throat. I take the phone from her, chuckling.


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