Not Another Bad Boy(16)

By: Devyn Morgan

Tom, however, just ignores the monster.

"Parker. You found a parking spot."

He hops down from his stool and pats the cushion, saying, "Have a seat. I ordered beer already."

He turns to see if the bartender has returned yet.

Meathead grabs Tom and spins him back around. "I was fucking talking to you. I said you need to come over here with me until I'm ready to take you home."

"Are you fucking serious?" Tom shouts at the jerk. "I understand the macho charade and I get that some people fall for that shit. But if your entire game revolves around being a gross pig and making demands of sex, I bet you go home alone pretty often. Well, that and your bad breath. Get the hell out of here before I take care of this in a way that maybe you'll understand a little better."

Parker pulls a gun from somewhere under his cardigan and holds it steadily at the bully.

The bully is frozen in place, barely breathing or blinking for several seconds. His first move is to drop his hands to the crotch of his blue jeans which has a dark spot of piss that is spreading down his legs. His next move is to turn and run out of the bar.

Laughing and catcalls that mock him as he passes ends the silence that I had not even noticed swallowed the room.

The bartender sets our beers in front of Tom. Tom drops a twenty on the bar, chugs the first, and then the second. He uses the sleeve of his cardigan to wipe the foam from his mouth.

That's going to leave a stain.

"What do you say we go home and handcuff you to the bed board?"

"Fuck yeah, my bad boy. Let's do it."

Bad boys come in all shapes and sizes. Some carry baseball bats when times get tough. Some carry guns. Mine happens to also wear cardigans.

But he's my bad boy.

The End

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