Never Kiss a Bad Boy(10)

By: Nora Flite

Not yet, anyway.

I had barely touched my drink when Kite appeared. He wasn't alone.

Jacob had an intense aura that reminded me of a cannon ready to fire. I thought, if he wanted to, he could have moved faster than any weapon.

Like Kite, he was just as handsome; chiseled from head to toe, muscles tightening his crisp dress-shirt over his chest, fit and magnificent.

Running fingers over his smooth jaw, he set his clear blue eyes on me. I could have drowned in them.

“Marina,” Kite said, motioning at his companion. “This is Jacob. Jacob, Marina. Please get acquainted, I think we're about to have a nice long chat.”

Jacob wasn't smiling. He shut the door behind him, closing us off from the rest of the bar. I felt like I was deep underground, far away from rescue. “Hello, Marina,” he said soothingly. Or he tried to, I wasn't soothed. “Kite says you're looking for some help.”

Every suspicion I had that Jacob was in on things was confirmed. It didn't shock me much. I'd noted Kite's bluetooth that day in the park. Obviously, he'd been talking to someone.

“You're a hitman too, aren't you?” I asked.

They shared a look. I witnessed Kite's surprise.

“Relax,” Jacob said. He gave me a cool, considering look. “She would have found out. It doesn't matter. Tell us why you're here, Marina.”

Though I wondered about my safety, I was starting to feel... in control. “Kite, he—or I guess both of you—murdered Frank Montego eight months ago. I need your help for something similar.”

“You want us to kill someone for you.” Jacob laid it out, not blinking.

Swallowing more of my drink, I used it to gather my thoughts. “No. Not exactly.”

Kite folded his arms into a knot. “I don't know many ways to 'not exactly' kill a person. Dead tends to be dead.” His companion sent him a meaningful glare. Kite ignored Jacob, too busy frowning at me.

Reaching for my purse, I started to dig with my free hand. “Let me—” Loud, metallic clicking erased my voice. Gingerly, I raised my eyes and saw Jacob had a gun aimed at me. I couldn't look anywhere else.

“Move slowly,” he advised. “And take your hand out of your purse.”

There was a loud whine in my ears. “I don't have a weapon in here. It's just money.”

Kite came my way, bending so close I could see the lashes over his black eyes. They were richer than mine. His scent was smoke and oil. “I told you,” he whispered. Tiny hairs flew up on my skin. “Coming here was reckless.”

Strong, agile fingers scraped down my ribs. Kite had grabbed me, his hands exploring my torso in smooth sweeps. I was so stunned that I froze, a shocked cry bubbling on my lips.

Jacob put a finger to his lips across the room, telling me to be quiet.

“What are you doing?” I hissed at Kite.

“Checking you for a wire,” he said. “You could be a cop.” Lifting my sweater, he displayed my tanned belly to the room. The pink cloth of my bra, the tops of my breasts, soon followed.

In spite of myself, warmth bloomed through my belly. Calm down! This isn't the time to get excited, a killer is touching you! My entire face—my whole being—was on fire. “I'm not a cop,” I said. “You don't need to do this!”

Kite stared at me, and I wished I knew what he was thinking. He was so close that I could have leaned forward and kissed him. I could even see the flecks of silver deep in his black eyes, the only hint of light inside of him.

“No wires,” he said, glancing at Jacob. He took my purse, and I had a second where I debated cracking him in the temple with my glass. I didn't. I just stayed still.

Kite lifted an envelope from my purse. I saw his eyes flash; knew he was praying I was stupid enough to bring the letter I'd spoken about. Opening it, he fingered the stacks of money with a frown. “You really were planning to hire me.”

“Both of you, now,” I said softly. “You clearly work together.”

They glanced at me, then back to the cash. “How much is it?” Jacob asked.

“It's only fifteen grand.” Shoving it back in the envelope, Kite nodded my way. “You don't know much about us, do you?”

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