My Guardian Bad Boy(4)

By: Olivia Hill

Hi Maya.

Sorry about the makeshift strait jacket but the situation last night forced me to do so. I like to consider myself a gentleman and I wouldn’t allow myself to take advantage of you at your weakest moment… I think that explains it. Anyway, I wanted to get you some breakfast but I got called away to the office. I couldn’t even get you a Starbucks coffee if I wanted to, but I will check up on you later. I promise. (I already got your number from your friend Riley).


Maya frowned and shook her head.

“He had to make a makeshift strait jacket?” she wondered out loud as she sat on the edge of her bed. She was still looking at the note in her hand when she heard the front door open.

“Hello?” she heard Riley’s voice calling from the door.

“In here,” Maya called out.

“So, since you stood me up for breakfast, I thought I would bring breakfast to you,” Riley said and Maya sighed.

“Did I have breakfast plans with everyone this morning?” she wondered as Riley walked up to the entrance of her bedroom and stood leaning against the door frame.

“I brought breakfast burritos, bagels and coffee… and why are you wearing your pajama shirt like that?” Riley asked as she looked at her best friend.

“Apparently I tried to rape my knight in shining armor last night so he had to do this to make sure I didn’t have my way with him,” Maya said trying hard to hide her embarrassment. “All because of the tequila you forced on me last night by the way.”

“Oh sweetie,” Riley said frowning. “It’s not my fault that you are a light weight and you did need some liquid courage to…you know.”

“Actually, Riley. I don’t. Just get me out of this damn shirt,” Maya said.

Riley walked up to where Maya was and began undoing the buttons of her pajama shirt.

“So, it is obvious that Kyle likes you,” Riley started as Maya walked to her closet and grabbed a t-shirt. “I mean, he brought you home and obviously he cares about you. I mean, he stayed the night and never did a thing to you.”

“I brought a stranger into my house. That was silly,” Maya pointed out a she put on a bathrobe over her t-shirt.

“Actually, he was…is no stranger. I told you that he has been at the bar a number of times and he is always checking you out,” Riley said smiling.

“And the reason you never mentioned him was…what, exactly?” Maya asked.

“Well, I did but you have always been very adamant that you were not ready for any kind of relationship. Casual or otherwise.”

“Wait, so all those times you were trying to hook me up with someone it was Kyle?” Maya asked as she looked at Riley and she nodded. “Wow. Have I been that shallow?”

“I wouldn’t blame you for not wanting to move on. I mean, that last one was a disaster,” Riley said. “In not so many words…but remember, I went through the same thing before I met Drew?”

Maya nodded. If ever there were two people who made her believe that she still had a shot at a good, happy relationship, it was Riley and her new husband Andrew. The two had been dating for years before they finally decided to make it official and even through all the issues they’d had, everything had still worked out for the better. They might have had their weird fights but they always worked everything out.

“Just how much did I have to drink last night anyway?” Maya asked as they walked into the kitchen where Riley had placed the breakfast on the counter.

“Well, maybe an entire bottle of wine and half a bottle of tequila,” Riley said in a guilty voice.

“Half a bottle of tequila?” Maya asked as she put her phone on the counter. She picked up a burrito and then looked up at Riley, frowning. “You told me we were only going to do a few shots….half a bottle?” She shook her head. “No wonder I don’t remember anything about last night.” She took a bite of her burrito and Riley reached for a bagel. She was saying something but Maya was not really paying attention. All she could think about was the previous night. Why would Kyle, a man who barely knew her decide to just stay as long as he did just to make sure she was okay? Could it have been maybe that this was the universe’s way of telling her that she’d found her match or something of the sort? Her heart was racing as she took another bite of her burrito.

“Bring any coffee?” Maya asked, still a little out of it.

“I got some started as soon as I walked in.” Riley turned around and grabbed two cups before she poured them both coffee. “I’m surprised you didn’t smell it as soon as you walked in. You usually have such a great nose for these things.”

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