My Bad Boy Biker(7)

By: Sam Crescent

Mandy didn’t know what she was doing. She’d had sex with a stranger and for the first time she’d orgasmed three times. Surely, she’d been doing it wrong in the past. Never had her body felt so alive. She took deep breaths as she tried to get her bearings.

Licking her lips, she turned her head and blushed. Dan was staring back at her.


“You look cute when you come.”

He had the ability to say the crudest things. He reached out and cupped one of her breasts.

She gasped as her nipple tightened and a pool of pleasure grew in the pit of her stomach.

“How do you do that?” she asked.

“Do what?”

“Make me feel so good, so quickly?”

“Because I know what I’m doing,” he answered honestly. “I know your body better than you do.”

He skimmed down her body, over her stomach, and ended on her mound. She gasped as he used to fingers to tease her aching bud.

“You want to go again?”

“No, baby. I want you to feel good.” He got up from the bed and picked her up.

She held on, scared in case he would drop her. “What are you doing?”

“Taking you to my shower.”

He walked unhurried with her in his arms. Mandy liked the feel of his muscles holding her. Dan Sawyer was the first man to ever pick her up and carry her. She was having a princess moment. Her knight in shining armour was taking her away from her evil boss and the rest of life’s frustrations.

Get a grip, Mandy. One night stand, remember?

Dan placed her on the toilet seat and turned some dials before picking her up and placing her in the warm shower. “I can walk you know.”

“I know, but this is my place, and I get to do what I want.” He followed her into the shower.

Looked as if the night was going to hold a number of firsts. She’d never showered with anyone before.

Facing the shower spray she dropped her head and let the warm water wash through her hair. Her body was sore from sex, which never usually happened—breaking all of her first times with a bad boy biker.

“You’ve got such a nice ass.” He squeezed the cheeks.

Mandy didn’t know what to say.

“I want to fuck it.”

Frozen still, she waited for him to speak again.

“You’ve gone quiet. Has no one ever fucked this hot little ass?”

She shook her head.

“I can make every little dream and fantasy you’ve ever had come true. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do,” he whispered against her ear. His breath fanned over her neck, sending her body into tight knots.

“I don’t want anything.”

His chest pressed against her back. The heat from his body wrapped around her like a glove. He moved her wet hair out of the way and kissed the column of her neck then her shoulder. He moved his hand down her arm and curled around her waist. His large cock seated on her ass.

“Do you feel how hard you make me?”

Suddenly, he grabbed both of her hands and laid them against the shower wall, palms down. “Don’t move,” he ordered.

Mandy stayed very still as his hands roamed her body. He went from her shoulders and down her back. Up and around, cupping her breasts in his hand. “I love your big tits. Your body is so beautiful. I’m hard from looking at you. You’re driving me crazy with the need to fuck you hard and fast.”

She loved hearing him speak so bluntly about what he wanted and what he liked.

Dan slipped his hands down to the top of her thighs and then moved her to open her legs wider. She moved without question. She was along for this sensual ride.

Next he placed his hands on the inside of her thighs until he was cupping her mound. He slipped a finger inside her as he used another to tap her clit.

Moaning, she fisted her hands on the wall. A riot of sensation coursed through her. She rolled her hips and pushed onto his hand, begging him to go deeper.

“You’re so fucking wet and tight. I’m big, baby, and I liked the way I had to fight to get seated deep inside your cunt.”

Mandy felt as if she was a different person. She wasn’t the young woman who was scared of the world. Mandy Straus would never dream of going to a stranger’s apartment and having sex with him.

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