My Bad Boy Biker(6)

By: Sam Crescent

She had the smoothest legs he’d ever felt. When he had the panties off, he threw them across the room. She wouldn’t need them any time soon.

Her pussy was trimmed and her scent teased his nostrils. She’d be so damn tasty. Opening her legs he watched her lips part to show him her wet, juicy slit.

Her clit peaked out from its hood, swollen and red. Cream leaked out of her. She was so damn turned on.

Using his fingers, he slid them through her wetness, missing her clit and going for her cunt. With one finger, he tested her, pushing it inside her. Mandy was tight, soaked, and hot. Fucking her would be hard at first because of how small she was compared to him. Getting her to loosen up and accept him would take a little time. He couldn’t wait to feel her.

He looked at her face. Her eyes were closed, and she lay so tensely. Her hands fisted in the pillow behind her head. He didn’t like seeing her that way while in his arms. Didn’t she know he’d never dream of hurting her?

She doesn’t know who I am.

“I’ve got you, baby,” he whispered. Dan wanted to taste her. To feel her cum explode on his taste buds.

Dan gripped her thighs and opened her wider. Not waiting for permission, he ran his tongue through her wet, creamy slit. She screamed, and he held her hips firmly in place.

“What are you doing?” she gasped.

Dan didn’t answer. Instead, he showed her what he wanted to do with his tongue. He teased her clit and glided down to push inside her tight heat. Within moments, she was writhing with pleasure under his hands.

Cream leaked from her body, and he tasted her, her unique scent driving him closer to taking her. Never had he liked going down on a woman as much as he enjoyed taking Mandy to that peak with his tongue. She was so beautiful and innocent and sexy she drove him to distraction.

As she calmed down because his touch stopped to allow her to relax, he moved his fingers down her body to her pussy. He inserted two fingers and gently pressed them inside her tight channel. Dan wanted her wet and ready to take his cock. Pushing his fingers inside her, he tongued her clit, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm. He wanted her screaming in pleasure before he fucked her. To hear her soft little moans of completion.

Her pussy contracted around his fingers, and he felt the change within her and knew she was getting closer and closer. He nibbled her clit and pressed a third finger inside her juicy cunt, stretching her as much as possible without hurting her.

“Oh, my god,” she screamed seconds later as her climax rushed through her. Her cum coated his fingers. He reached over to his open drawer and pulled out a condom. Dan pulled away and he fingered her clit with one hand as he grasped his cock, quickly aligned his body with hers, and thrust inside her.

Mandy struggled, gasping for breath. He moved his fingers, took her hips, and slammed inside her. She was tight, wet, and he wanted to be seated so deep inside her.

“That’s it. I’ve got you,” he said. Holding her felt so right. He didn’t want her to be anywhere else. Luck must have been on his side this night, finally, after only ever imagining Mandy in his dreams. She was in his arms where she was supposed to be.

“Feels good,” she moaned. Dan smiled and kissed her.

Pushing in and out, he took her over the edge a second time, touching her tits and holding her full, voluptuous body.

Pulling out so only the tip of his cock remained, he swivelled his hips and slammed back inside. The force of his thrust caused her to be pushed further up the bed until she was holding on to the headboard for support.

Dan couldn’t see past his need. She climaxed a third time around his shaft. Her tight cunt hugged him like a fist. Unable to hold back, he plunged inside her again and again. His peak drawing nearer with each powerful thrust.

“Kiss me,” he demanded. Mandy leaned up, circled her arms around his neck, and kissed him.

Tasting her on his tongue and having himself surrounded by her scent pushed him over the edge.

With one final thrust, he climaxed, releasing his seed inside the condom when in fact he wanted his sperm to be deep inside her cunt. He collapsed off to the side. He didn’t want to hurt her.

~* * *~

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