Hard Rider (Bad Boy Bikers Book 1)(91)

By: Lydia Pax

Ram walked out from the station now, colors on his back, as proud as ever. His face was still bruised, the cuts just starting to heal. The guards remaining in the prison hadn't been kind to Ram, but he told June he liked it. All the fights kept him in shape.

Ram approached her on the bike and lifted her up easily, always so strong. She kissed him madly, pulling her hands across his thick shoulders muscles, holding him tight. Everything inside of her felt like lava. They were on their way to a hotel in a different city, but they couldn't get there quick enough.

“What was that about?” he asked when they parted.

“I’m just crazy about you,” she said. “You complaining?”

“Not at all.” He got that shine in his eye that let her know they were only minutes away from a pronounced, intense lovemaking session. “I think we need to find a different hotel pretty soon, huh?”

They rode off into the sunset. What came tomorrow would come, but they would face it together.

# # #

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