Go Hard: A Bad Boy Sports Romance(206)

By: B. B. Hamel

He kissed me again and stood up.

“Look at you, my pregnant wife. How’s it feel to know that we never have to lie to the media again?”

“Speak for yourself,” I said. “I love lying to them. Makes me feel alive.”

He laughed. “Do what you want, babe. Just don’t tank this movie.”

“You know I can’t do that.”

He shrugged. “Part of me thinks it’s going to fail. But part of me doesn’t give a fuck.”

“General Prick will give a fuck.”

He smiled at my little nickname for his commanding officer. “Yeah, well.”

After our first month together, he told me everything. He told me about how the media tour was a propaganda thing set up by the government, how the book was ghostwritten by some guy working for them, and how it was technically his mission to go through all the media shit he went through.

Including the movie, which was actually getting a lot of good press. They were showing it to small festivals before the big release, and everyone was reacting really favorably to it. Still, Nash worried, but he was just like that. My husband, Nash the perfectionist.

“It’s like an endless summer here,” he said.

“Yeah. It’s nice. I hated shoveling snow.”

“Makes people soft.”

I laughed. “We don’t have to stay, you know?”

“Yeah, I know. But you like it here, and I guess I don’t give a fuck where we are, so long as you’re there.”

I laughed and stood up. He want to help me, but I pushed him away. “I’m barely pregnant. Relax,” I said.

“Look at you,” he said, laughing. “You’re six months pregnant.”

I looked down at my belly and frowned. “I’m fat.”

“You’re pregnant.” He kissed my lips. “And fucking sexy.”

“Oh yeah?” I smiled. “You still want me?”

“God, if your mother weren’t inside, I’d fuck your sexy pregnant pussy right here on the lawn.”

I laughed and kissed him softly. “Thanks.”

“Don’t thank me,” he said. “Just let me have my way with you. That’s all I ask.”

“I can handle that. Now put a shirt on before my mom starts complaining again.”

“Yes, sir,” he said, and walked back inside.

I smiled as I watched him go.

This was life for me now. No more lying, no more running around. I was literally barefoot and pregnant, standing in the backyard of our beautiful bungalow. Nash worked in the movie industry doing part-time consultations on military tactics while he waited for news from General Prick. It was only a matter of time before we were ordered on another tour to support the movie.

But that was okay. I’d have the baby and my mom would help me take care of him. Nash would come home as often as he could. Living in L.A. was easier, since a lot of the media stuff was pretty local.

I didn’t need to go anywhere, didn’t need anything else. All I needed was Nash and my baby boy, Chris, growing inside me.

Back then, back in the airport, I never thought I’d see him again. But I could still remember the way he said he loved me a week later, the chills that ran down my body when I knew I loved him back.

I smiled to myself and looked up at the sky. It was a beautiful, clear day.

Just like every day was with Nash.

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